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Title: NoGhost Admin Mod For OpenArena
Post by: escapedturkey on March 12, 2008, 07:51:28 PM
The author of NoGhost mod was kind enough to work on a version that now works with Openarena. :)

It's a fantastic admin mod and includes delag (unlagged) code that can be enabled.

"Latest 1.32 Server Beta Build: Build 29  (compatible with OpenArena)"

Simply make a NoGhost folder, extract the files into it, and change your fs_game to +set fs_game NoGhost

The mod includes documentation.

One part that isn't documented:

g_votelimit uses binary method:

Add up the sums you wish to disable: 1) map_restart, 2) nextmap, 4) map <mapname>, 8 ) g_gametype <n> 16) kick <player> 32) clientkick <clientnum> 64) g_doWarmup, 128) timelimit <time>, 256) fraglimit <frags>, 512) grapple


set g_voteLimit 908  // Disable map, g_gametype, timelimit, fraglimit, and grapple voting.

Here's the server.cfgs I use for an FFA and CTF server, which can be useful for examples:

Free Game Download:

Sample servers:

In the game console (~) type:

/cl_allowdownload 1

Then type:

For FFA: /connect


For CTF: /connect

Enjoy. :)

Title: Re: NoGhost Admin Mod For OpenArena
Post by: skankychicken on March 12, 2008, 10:06:04 PM
It's probably better to describe it as a client/server mod because your config settings may allow the client options to be selectable but not always obvious.

It does not out perform the 1.16 version and the 1.32 version has a few minor issues but I have not had the heart to whine about them :)

It also has superior movement that is very comfortable using pmove_accurate. I cannot achieve this with 1.32. Most rail players goto 1.16. There is little 1.32 can do for game play. The dilemma is that mav has to consider the community on 1.16 which is a strong one so the 1.32 mod was never complete.

The unlagged code differs from 1.16 enhancements. I appreciate the appeal of this mod but it provides great gameplay for all levels of player. They probably know little about delag yet the results are often fast games with variations that suit mainly rail players.

Pity the 1.16 code does not support downloads which has become a pain with releases and such, perhaps some of the gurus who maybe more familiar with this area would be able to suggest solutions or ideas.

I mess around on noghost quite alot and I already posted a stream here of an short example

I also like the XoneXfer mod which is highlighted on that site. Really nice rail insta mod with hitscan and nice extras. Compatible with oa.

Title: Re: NoGhost Admin Mod For OpenArena
Post by: escapedturkey on March 13, 2008, 06:35:27 AM
*Happy Thoughts* :)