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Title: I need HELP..........good config
Post by: geroi on April 02, 2008, 08:46:33 AM
Hi all,
I need help...

I often play tournaments and I very need good config. I need config for better rail and other :-)

Can somebody write me it or send by e-mail?? If sure, I will write my e-mail by pm........


Title: Re: I need HELP..........good config
Post by: Fitacus on April 02, 2008, 09:38:35 AM
Posting whole configs is senseless but here are some cvars I advice to each novice players to adjust from the beginning:

/rate 25000
/snaps 30
/cl_maxpackets 125
/cl_packetdup 1
/cg_smoothClients 1
/cg_truelightning 1
/cg_fov 112
/com_maxfps 125

Title: Re: I need HELP..........good config
Post by: pikaunforgiven on April 08, 2008, 03:43:40 PM
i know this thread is kinda old but ill share what i suggest and my reasoning behind them.

/cg_lagometer - turns on the lagometer if its not already on
/cg_showfps - shows your fps onscreen, useful for checking com_maxfps
/cg_drawtimer - shows a timer that tells you how long the map has been running
/rate 25000 - the single most important setting IMO, a good 75% of high ping people you see on OA have this set to the default of 3000, the rest are just REALLY far away from the server.
/snaps 20 30 or 40 depending on the server (do a /sv_fps to see what to use)
/cl_maxpackets 30   - only defrag and cpma mods need 125 here, otherwise you are artificially raising your ping
/cl_packetdup 1 - if you get lots of red on the lagometer try setting this to 2
/cg_smoothClients 0  - only change to 1 if you are going to record demos
/cg_truelightning 1 - straightens out the lightning trail significantly, making it easier to aim
/cg_fov 100 - i leave mine at 90, 110 gives a strange fisheye effect
/com_hunkmegs 128 - only change if you have more than 512MB of ram or so
/com_zonemegs 32 - helps for larger maps it seems
/com_soundmegs 16 - probably helps if your sound stutters from time to time
/com_maxfps 125 - use 76 or 43 if your computer cannot handle 125, they are almost as good physics-wise

these settings are based on a few quake 3 tweak/settings sites i have found and personal experience.  here are a few links i suggest anyone who wants to change settings in open arena should read: - more detailed connection settings guide - explains in detail why 125fps is awesome   - the base page that has the above and much more

the links are quake 3 in nature, but apply just the same to open arena and just about all other quake 3 based games.

Title: Re: I need HELP..........good config
Post by: RAZ3R on April 09, 2008, 04:30:41 PM
Okay, net settings all depend on yoru connection, and a bunch of other settings are subjective. Firstly settings that can only help or you won't notice:

/g_synchronousClients 0          - if you're playing on lan put this to 1
/pmove_fixed 1                      - if you're playing on lan put this to 0
/pmove_msec 8
/sv_fps 125
/com_maxfps 125
/cg_runpitch 0
/cg_runroll 0
/cg_bobup 0
/cg_bobpitch 0
/cg_bobroll 0

Okay, now the subjective settings...

/cg_fov 130                          - I use a 130 degree viewing angle so I can see opponents on my far right and left which most people miss. This gives you some distortion on the outside of your screen though and also makes objects smaller

/cg_zoomfov 70                     - to combat the effects of having fov set to 130 I use zoom (which not all players do) and have that fov as 70 as I find the default 22.5 to be FAR too small.

/cg_drawteamoverlay 1           - this is useful in team games  as it tells you on yoru screen what weapon all your teammates are using along with how much health they have and in some mods also where your team mates are.

/cg_truelightning ?                 - completley your own choice of 1 or 0. With it set to 1 your lightning appears straight so easier to aim, but in reality your lightning isn't straight. Havign this set to 0 shows you where your lightning is really firing at.

Also a number of players turn on vertex lighting and set r_picmip on some high value to  make the levels look plainer. You should make sure you have every weapon bound to a different key also. I can't think of anything else in particular off hand.

Title: Re: I need HELP..........good config
Post by: pikaunforgiven on April 09, 2008, 06:52:09 PM
sv_fps you only need to set if you are the one running the server, as its a serverside variable. snaps is the clientside version of sv_fps, which shouldnt be any more than 40 unless you are on a server that needs 125 (usually only defrag and cpma). pmove_fixed only works if its enabled on the server (almost all defrag servers have it enabled, while baseoa/baseq3 generally do not).

honestly the pitch and roll settings are also quite subjective. they bother some people, but people like myself have gotten used to it.

other than that, nice additions.

and before i forget, for even more details here's a nice site that has just about all of the q3 variables and what they do.

Title: Re: I need HELP..........good config
Post by: RAZ3R on April 16, 2008, 12:12:20 AM
Here, I finaly sorted out my config for openarena.

High visibility, high fps, low lag, bunch of other tweaked settings - as good as it can be imo. Although you will probably want to turn down the fov as not many people like 130. Also if you don't like the graphics change r_picmip to 0 or 1, and download my bright skins pk3 from the multiplayer section of this forum if you don't already have it =).

Couple of shots of what it looks like in ctf and tournament: ( (

Title: Re: I need HELP..........good config
Post by: pikaunforgiven on April 16, 2008, 11:11:39 AM
i took a quick look at your config and com_soundmegs 128 is a bit overkill isnt it?  zonemegs 256 sounds a bit overkill as well, same with hunkmegs 256. im also not sure why you would need to go to such extremes as far as graphics are concerned. then again, using a PCI video card (judging by the r_lastValidRenderer string in your config) does kinda make you have to with a high resolution. i personally dont have a problem running at 640x480 with full settings, my 6200OC handles that fine.

with those settings you would want at minimum 2GB of ram installed in your system to make up for OS overhead (windows xp, at least 2.5GB for vista) and other background processes, and not many have that much ram yet. the settings i recommended are better off for people with 512MB-1GB of ram, as that is much more common.

that being said, the config is definitely good to draw ideas from (i think i might implement some of it myself), but not suited for most people on its own. i think we all have our own ideas of the "ideal" config, but its really all up to personal preference and specific hardware needs in the end.

Title: Re: I need HELP..........good config
Post by: RAZ3R on April 16, 2008, 12:00:09 PM
There is the very occasional map that requires stupid settings to work, though I think more so in defrag where some maps are just a graphics fest - possibly not that high though, but as you pointed out, I have 2GB of ram in an otherwise shitty system so I can afford those settings. In regards to my other graphics settings though, while I can't have very high graphics I could have them looking better/more detailed than they do, however they are set like that for visibility as much as performance. When I first saw peopel who had configs like this I thought it was awful, but I've since got used to it and actualy quite like the simple look (reminds me of cell shading). I also like to have a high resolution as things look nicer, and it's also easier to aim at people in the distance.

Title: Re: I need HELP..........good config
Post by: pikaunforgiven on April 17, 2008, 06:23:22 AM
ive played quite a bit of defrag in both q3 and oa and never ran into any maps that needed any more than what my settings are. i have run into a few defrag maps where i had to lower graphics settings a little to get a full 125fps though, kinda silly people made maps for a mod that generally emphasizes performance over graphics quality though.

your settings actually remind me of the CPMA default graphic settings, dull and boring but focusing primarily on high visibility and performance. also sorta reminds me of the good ole days when q3 was pretty much the latest in gaming technology and mainstream hardware hadnt quite caught up yet.  nothing wrong with that of course, although for current day casual gamers like myself a little bit overboard.