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Title: Recording in OA
Post by: RandS on April 09, 2008, 10:59:57 AM
Hi all.I need record video but i cant recording with Fraps (becouse this program did make big videos 1min = 1GB)Pls help.I want video in avi .When I recording OA demo I cant this demo convert to avi.PLS help pls pls pls!

Title: Re: Recording in OA
Post by: RAZ3R on April 09, 2008, 04:34:58 PM
I'm sure I replied to this :/.

Take the avi you recorded using fraps and stick it in windows movie maker (comes with windows xp and widnows vista I believe). Now save this video in whatever format you want (can be avi still) using windows movie maker and teh size will be much smaller. You can also choose what settings to use to adjust the size/quality ratio if you wish.

Title: Re: Recording in OA
Post by: pikaunforgiven on April 09, 2008, 06:12:39 PM
you can turn the settings down a bit in fraps to record videos that arent nearly as huge.  it also helps if you use a lower resolution (640x480 works nicely) when recording videos if you are recording them at full size in the fraps settings. changing the fraps recording framerate to 25fps helps a bit as well.

i would also suggest recording with xfire instead (edit quake 3 arena's entry in xfire to work with open arena or make a custom config), but in my experience for some reason it makes all of my recordings really dark.

Title: Re: Recording in OA
Post by: on April 16, 2008, 09:45:57 AM
You can do this by recording a demo of the video you wish to make, then record the video while playing the demo with a reduced timescale. The timescaling is necessary as you won't have enough CPU to run the demo and perform the avi encode in real time unless you have a supercomputer.

/set timescale 0.1
/demo [your-demo]

Title: Re: Recording in OA
Post by: MilesTeg on April 16, 2008, 03:53:13 PM
just tried it with xreal and it worked fine even without the timescale command (core2duo 1,8 GHz, Geforce 8800)

the file is stored in your applications directory (in windows C:\Documents and Settings\yourusername\Application Data\OpenArena)

Title: Re: Recording in OA
Post by: kick52 on April 19, 2008, 05:18:23 AM
You don't need the timescale command, it will do it frame by frame so it will slow it down automatically.
Beware when recording using ioQuake3 you won't get any audio on a Mac. Not sure about Win/Linux.

Title: Re: Recording in OA
Post by: pikaunforgiven on April 19, 2008, 10:52:33 AM
probably depends on what you use to record. what do macs have for video recording btw?
in linux im not aware of anything that can record video (although im sure there is, i just havent looked hard enough) and in windows both fraps and xfire record sound, although xfire's sound desyncs after a few seconds.....

Title: Re: Recording in OA
Post by: skankychicken on April 19, 2008, 12:12:20 PM
Yea there are linux solutions, I would need to dig out info.

Frapps is one of the best programs and will give you smaller files than most others.

Assuming you have installed it correctly, ie. it is recording using the frapps codec then as already mentioned..

1) Use 640 res

2) Use minimised screen mode then to solve the brightness issue use /r_ignorehwgamma

3) Set fps between 20 or 30.. even 15 looks not too bad depending on what the game is like

4) Set com_maxfps on the game to the same fps, this will free up resources while you record.

5) Play the demo using high qual settings, even have /r_lodbias 1 and stuff. You might also want to turn on smoke trails and things which are normally disabled and hit the record key.

6) Dont record the whole thing in one go.. if its 16 mins, then split it up, maybe every 5 mins hit stop n start.

7) Use Virtual dub which is an easy editor for avi files, use append avi to join your files. When you save it, save it as the original file format. Remember, the video is already compressed as avi.

So then if you want to play it on dvd or something, which ive never done then I guess you'll have a good quality video since it can be fairly big.. if you want a smaller file then try resizing the video to 400 x 300 or something, that might look better than you expect.

Never resize or change any video youve already mofified (changed format or codec maybe). Always work with the highest quality vids you have and do it in one go.

Title: Re: Recording in OA
Post by: skankychicken on April 19, 2008, 12:19:56 PM
I think this is posted somewhere else on forum but this flash encoding is only 17mb or something, at 12 fps.. sound 84kbs.. pretty poor quality.. but in my opinion it still looks better than youtube quality.

ive got another one somewhere at 50mb and looks awesome on full screen

Title: Re: Recording in OA
Post by: pikaunforgiven on April 20, 2008, 02:11:54 PM
a little note: you dont need to change your com_maxfps for fraps, fraps automatically caps the framerate to whatever you set in fraps for the recording framerate.

its also possible if you are using xfire for video hosting to record in fraps, then put the video in xfire's video folder and let xfire deal with it.

Title: Re: Recording in OA
Post by: skankychicken on April 20, 2008, 07:48:32 PM
I was sure my system ran alot better when I was setting it up and I stop and start recording on some demos.. when it was at 125 i remember it taking ages to use other apps in the background and when it started recording it used to jitter.. could be wrong though. I was streaming live games so maybe thats why i set it much lower, 12 I think, I was using flash apps to capture and send the stream live.

Never heard of xfire :/

Title: Re: Recording in OA
Post by: pikaunforgiven on April 20, 2008, 08:55:36 PM
you really shouldnt be running anything in the background anyway. video encoding is cpu intensive no matter what hardware you happen to have wether you are recording with a demo or realtime.

xfire is an IM client designed with gamers in mind, with ingame chat support among other things. it just recently got support for recording/uploading videos, although unfortunately no support for OA unless you use fraps to record the initial video, tell it that open arena is actually quake 3, or a custom ini file.