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Title: area portal and cluster portal textures not in OA textures/common
Post by: bill----- on January 27, 2009, 05:08:00 PM

Was researching *Radiant setup, and while comparing textures/common in pak4-textures.pk3
and spog-common.pk3 in the Q3Pack for GtkRadiant, I noticed that, among other differences,
there's no areaportal.tga or clusterportal.tga in OA's textures/common. 

As portal brushes are important for VIS tuning, I am curious about this omission.  Is it intentional,
and if so, why?  If not, is there interest in "OA style" textures for them?  Color preferences?

I'll be making them for myself, since I'm interested in avoiding Q3Pack's content, and were they
to meet with the maintainers' approval, I'd be pleased to contribute them, GPL of course.