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Title: Anyway I can help?
Post by: BacioiuC on June 28, 2009, 01:26:42 AM
Hi. My name is Ciprian(Zapa), and I joined the boards seeking to help in anyway I can. I've been playing OpenArena since I installed Linux(Ubuntu) on my laptop(~2 years ago). Sadly, the last 4-5 months I've been working on my own game(swift) and I hadn't played much lately. 3 days ago I opened up a game review blog, and decided to do a review on OpenArena. I was kinda... shocked to see that not many people are playing it as before. I could barely find a server with enough people, and I kinda felt sad since I really love this game, and I feel that I could help in someway. So here I am.

Title: Re: Anyway I can help?
Post by: Neon_Knight on June 28, 2009, 12:21:56 PM
That's because many of us were occupied with school and work among other things. I haven't the same time as before to map, so when I can, I do some mapping.

However, you can help us in many ways. Just two things before the suggestions:

* If you want to contribute, GPLv2 is the law here. Just to clarify things: if you release something, then you should release too the stuff you've used to make that thing. For example: you make a map, and compile it. Both aas and bsp are included, but you should include too the map file. In case of textures, unless the textures were 1-layered, you should include the psd or xcf file of that texture. And ALWAYS include the license file. (COPYING, gplv2.txt, etc)
* I suggest you to grab the latest SVN build of OA (you can't play online with it, but it contains all the stuff which will be included in future versions of OA)

If you know image editing, you can help us creating some of the missing textures/GFX ( replacements, or helping the mappers ( with some textures/GFX they need.

If you know how to model, mapobjects and character assitance is appreciated ( If you want to rework some of the already done work, fine. The source here are the .blend files from Blender.

If you know about sound creating/editing, then your help on for example weapon/item/ambiental sounds and voices are more than welcome (

If you're a coder, then you can help sago007 and SharpestTool with OAX (

If you have nice mapping skills with GTKRadiant, then of course your help is appreciated ( Retexturizing existing maps on the OA SVN.

Or even better, you can throw your own suggestions/help on how to improve the existing stuff of OA, like suggestions about the maps.

Just remember to read these articles on the Wiki. Someone will post more links:
(DO NOT LINK) h t t p s : / / openarena . wikia . com/wiki/NOTTODO
(DO NOT LINK) h t t p s : / / openarena . wikia . com/wiki/DeveloperFAQ
(DO NOT LINK) h t t p s : / / openarena . wikia . com/wiki/GoodPractices

Title: Re: Anyway I can help?
Post by: BacioiuC on June 28, 2009, 02:38:51 PM
Thanks for the links |TXC| Neon_Knight. I'd go for coding since that is what I do. I'll be away from home for a week, but I can use that time away from all that distraction, called internet, to catch up on some OpenGL lessons, since I'm only used in using DirectX for my games ( I'm going to read those articles, on the wiki, that you gave me, and hopefully I'll get to help you guys as much as I can. OpenArena is such a great game, I really want to help out as much as possible. And as far as GPL goes, I have absolutely no problem with it.

Title: Re: Anyway I can help?
Post by: Neon_Knight on June 28, 2009, 11:39:38 PM
If you'd like to help with models, there are two models missing:
- Invulnerability (Team Arena) pickup
- Grapple