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Title: CTF MAP - Grudging - v2r2
Post by: Giuseppe on August 01, 2009, 12:19:04 pm
Hi, im Giuseppe form Italy
this is my first post in this forum
i start mapping in 2008 with a ctf map for Nexuiz
the name of the map is Grudging

Now my interest for mappig is extended to other fps games like Open Arena
than i made a Open Arena version of grudging
is for CTF, CTF elimination and Harvester

From the read.txt file included in pk3:

Grudging: version 2 relase 1 for Open Arena
(july-august 2009)
Map for team gameplay

11 spawnpoint each team
map rebuilded from Nexuiz version
include aas file

i made the work with Net radiant
and tested the map with Open Arena 0.8.1
I have done the textures with GIMP

I have done this textures with BLENDER and GIMP:

Now some levelshots:

shot 01 (
shot 02 (
shot 03 (
shot 04 (
shot 05 (
shot 06 (

and finally the pk3

grudgingv2r1oa.pk3 (

i hope u like this map

PS: in the level there are all the weapons (i think) and two powerups: quad and health regen

Title: Re: CTF MAP - Grudging
Post by: cosmo on August 02, 2009, 12:47:04 am
Welcome to OA mapping.

I had a quick CTF bot match.

Looks different and a lot like a UT2k map.
Feels that way too (gameplay wise).

Take care: There is no real cover so especially from the towers this is going to be a strafejump/rail whore contest. Why is there this jumppad to get to the flag so quickly? Architecture is interesting.
For me it looks and feels like an advanced and psychedelic version of hydronex: Open, very fast, rail friendly. Textures are repetitive.

Title: Re: CTF MAP - Grudging
Post by: Giuseppe on August 02, 2009, 11:06:07 am
Thank u cosmo!

I know only the maps of the demo of UT, but
the inspiration for the nexuiz map i taked by the facingworlds map
and i know is a remake of a UT map.

Maybe i can move the slugs item form the top of tower
to an other place (sure a player with railgun on top have near the ammo).

The jump pad on the foot? is for give humour :)

Well my map have two facing bases and with something in the middle
and hydronex too but are very different maps i think.
For ex in grudging base there are many way to go in and out.

Yes i used few textures made myself and each structure use only a texture.
So they are repetitive.

I will try to improve the map.

Thank u again for your comments

Title: Re: CTF MAP - Grudging
Post by: Neon_Knight on August 02, 2009, 12:34:51 pm
Yep, it looks like a mix between CTF-Face (specifically CTF-Face][) & CTF-Romra ( without the holes in the bases.
Here's a pair of suggestions:

What about switching Railgun and Nailgun places, so there's a Nailgun per base and a single Railgun in the middle area? That way the railing can be controlled. Also it can be a good idea to leave only one Railammo (maybe in the bases?) to control even more the Railgun.

I'm not so sure about the BFG. Maybe putting it in a non-easily-reachable spot, for example, floating in the space... also only one BFG ammo, but in the middle area. The underground passage is actually a nice place to put the ammo.

Removing the Regen or replacing it with another powerup or holdable? There's actually a Megahealth at both bases. A Battle Suit (and some more rocket boxes) can work, since this map has a lot of stuff for rocketjumping. If you decide to remove instead the MHs at both bases, then it can remain at its place, or the Regen can replace the MH at both bases.

Title: Re: CTF MAP - Grudging
Post by: Giuseppe on August 04, 2009, 12:03:46 pm
ty |TXC| Neon_Knight your hints about items are very interesting

that's my idea:

ok i switch railgun and nailgun and relative ammo
so one nailgun and one nails pack each base
only one raigun in middle area and one slugs pack in underground passage

bfg in high place in space and a platform bobbing up-down
replace bfg whit a prox launcher

add a battle suite each base under flag's stairs

add 2 rockets pack in middle area and
add 1 rocket pack each base

about regen
maybe a flight reducing the duration
or a haste

also i want try a new solution for texturing

Title: Re: CTF MAP - Grudging
Post by: Neon_Knight on August 04, 2009, 12:47:40 pm
Maybe you should look at these maps for ideas for your map, texturing-wise:
- oa_ctf4ish
- oa_shine
- czest1tourney

Or these two maps too:
- am_spacecont (
- oadm1-dropout (

The Prox can be a nice election, anyways, you can do a "team" with both items as well, so they'll spawn at the same place but in different times.

If you're willing to remove the MHs at the base (replacing them with Battle Suits) then I see keeping the Regen at the middle as a good choice. Flight is a bit useless but fun, (specially in open maps) and Haste... I don't know, I would vote for keeping Regen in its place. (Also there're not so much maps with Regen on it) But if you mantain MHs at the bases, then I'll vote for Haste replacing Regen. (Or maybe the Battle Suit as well)

Title: Re: CTF MAP - Grudging
Post by: cosmo on August 05, 2009, 01:05:15 am
No, dont go for a texturing like reddish/spacecont or ctf4ish. Do something different. There are enough boring looking spacemaps. Do something new. Give it a plastic look (I guess you already wanted to go in that way) or have it a piece of brass floating through space. A full metal platform would be nice.

Title: Re: CTF MAP - Grudging
Post by: Giuseppe on August 07, 2009, 10:15:16 am
looking these maps you indicate the main concept to texturing ctf map
i see is the use of colored (red and blue) lights
and a mix of textures same for each base
with a two similar set of texture with red or blue dominamt color

Im not oriented to use red and blue lights.

about plastic or metal effect for the surface
im working to mix the two effect.
I want try use a metal shader effect same for each base to texturing
some decorative brush work for ex
and the red/blue textures with a plastic or marble effect.

This shot give a visual idea of what i want to do:

shot 07 (

about items now im oriented to replace MH with battle suit in each base
so i put again regen in the middle (maybe i can use team feature to alternate regen spawn
with flight spawn).

[edit 09-08-12]

im still working on the architecture of the map (a little level shot):

shot 08 (

i hope to realase new pk3 for next week

Title: Re: CTF MAP - Grudging
Post by: Giuseppe on August 18, 2009, 10:56:08 am
new realase v2r2

First thanks for the hints posted! I'm learning new things!
So im happy!

From grudginv2r2oa.txt in docs folder:

Grudging: version 2 relase 2 for Open Arena
(august 2009)
Map for team gameplay

-new look style for bases
-new textures and new shaders
-item rearranged
-some brush optmization
-some hint brush
-some bot clip (ex. quad rotating / bot stuck)
-new levelshot

About items:
regen now is teamed with flight
battle suite instead MH
bfg is teamed with prox
ammo bfg and mines are teamed
nailgun and railgun switched (ammo too)
added 4 rockets pack
added a 50 health under flag stairs

About bases look:
new textures tga to play with texture blending
(my first experience about texture blending)
not great textures but all made myself

About bot clip:
the aas was a bit large so looking for
some areas bots cant roam i put there botclip brushes
(i see help a lot),
also i botclipped the rotating cage of quad
often bots stuck there

Some levelshots (r_ignorehwgamma 1, r_overBrightBits 0):

shot 09 (
shot 10 (
shot 11 (
shot 12 (
shot 13 (

And the pk3 (the size rise to 2,23mb from 1,73)

grudgingv2r2oa.pk3 (