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Title: New clan KzN
Post by: Ser on August 27, 2009, 01:40:13 PM
I am pleased to announce our new clan, it's KzN Clan.

Hi, we are players with experience. oa ctf (Capture the flag). We have created a new clan. We are currently recruiting new members for clan. If you think you'd like to join [KZN] clan. join here:,15.0.html (,15.0.html)

Hola, somos jugadores con experiencia. oa ctf (Captura la bandera), y creamos un nuevo clan. Hemos abierto la inscripción limitada de nuevos miembros para el clan.
Si quisieras formar parte de nuestro clan. Ingresa aquí:,7.0.html  (,7.0.html)

Web del clan. Web of clan. Visit: (

Puedes encontrarnos en Nemesis Server. You can find us at Nemesis Server.