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Title: Laem Bot (For fun!)
Post by: fromhell on August 23, 2010, 03:32:16 AM
This is something that won't be in the official release (well, the .bot file for it at least) and I wanted to start some momentum so I can get more mentally involved with OA

Basically, trying to bring the random rambo atmosphere offline.  None of the "behavior" files have been started, i've only started doing the chats.

rndstuff.c is meant to append to rnd.c. I want to madlib as much as possible (and absurdly too)

laemplay.h hasn't been edited much, but I want to idiot up the team chats as well.

IT'S NOT FINISHED, i started this thread for uh....... community additons. None of this is 'out of the box' playable yet.  It's just amusing pointless bot_minplayers filler ;)

The .bot file is formatted as a 'one line per bot' kind of file to focus more on quantity than quality.  Lots of stupid names and they all use non-default skins :P

as for the chatting, there's way too many 'curse you' lines so those mostly get seen. I am also trying to avoid at being offensive (as in 'die u fag', commonly observed homophobia of many young fps players) but 'fack' and 'fuct' seem pretty close.  The actual chatting rate would be rare.