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Title: Great Game
Post by: SILVERFOX on April 07, 2011, 06:31:22 PM
Hats off to Bane GREAT MATCH  good mix of players great site { Digi.}
                                                                                         Thank You

Title: Re: Great Game
Post by: TwEeK! on April 08, 2011, 08:19:05 PM
Without having been there, just hearing the names SILVERFOX and Bane, I'm sure a great game and great time was had by all.

For those who don't know, I've been dealing with some serious housing woes lately (head of household ended the lease for everyone living at the place where he and I had spent 8+ good years), but things are getting better. In the meantime, my friends Huh?, Shrike and Mousehadaball have all been greatly helpful and supportive in getting our OpenArena "clubhouse," MeTaLNET back up and running on a Linode (with greatly appreciated help from Vindimy, and possibly others), since I don't presently have my three "garage" boxes running, on which our server once lived. I've only been able to fund the venture, and really gotta say thanks to all that have helped us get going on the Linode, as well as those who choose to play there and make it fun.

So, having said that, let this be an open invite to any and all who are known and appreciated in the OA community, like SILVERFOX and Bane, to drop in and say, "Hi!" MeTaLNET newcomers are also welcome of course - anyone with a good, fun gaming spirit is more than welcome. Yes, we''re only running an E+ DM and an E+ CTF server right now, but future plans include a "standard" OA server, and very likely other variants, maybe even other games. I'm getting back on me feet, now, as far as housing, and look forward to spending more time with OA once again - haven't had this much fun, nor been as involved with a game since my days as an Interstate '76 "legend," when I hosted "Hacks vs. Ax-L" nights, built some of the most famous game maps, wrote game fan fiction, and even beta-tested the "Nitro Pack" sequel to I'76.

OpenArena and its small, tight-knit community really remind me of those great times, and I hope everyone involved, from developers to players, keeps this fun going!

-- TwEeK!

Title: Re: Great Game
Post by: Tiny on April 09, 2011, 01:19:33 AM
Yes, we''re only running an E+ DM and an E+ CTF server right now,

That's mostly the problem for a lot of players, we had a lot of problems with E+ during OA-CL, and the global final feeling about the mod wasn't really good then :-\

Title: Re: Great Game
Post by: Bane on April 09, 2011, 04:33:52 AM
GGs too SLIVERFOX  I had a great time. :)

Nice to finally hear from you again Tweek for a minute there I thought we lost another one to Quake Live glad you are back also what is an E+ DM and E+ CTF server just wondering?