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Title: ioq3 renderer modularized
Post by: Cacatoes on August 03, 2011, 01:04:53 PM
A Modular Rendering System For ioquake3 Engine ( (from Phoronix)

This + some network protocol reshape ( + quakecon soon ... sound like good news for IDTech based projects.

Title: Re: ioq3 renderer modularized
Post by: fromhell on August 03, 2011, 03:14:12 PM
ABOUT TIME they implemented my cooolololol idea! You know what this means?

DirectX 5, Glide, and software rendering!

(on a serious note, DX5 would benefit very legacy chipsets (Rendition, PowerVR, Rage Pro), DX9/DX10 rendering would benefit onboard chipsets, and software rendering powered by SSE2 would benefit all those poor souls on BSD without accellerated graphics driver support. Glide rendering would benefit nobody)

Forget their ambitious OpenGL 3.0 plan, they don't even take advantage of OpenGL 2.0's features yet.  Ioq3's renderer is pretty plain with very few changes from Q3 renderer code, with fixed flares, anisotropy cvar, stereo rendering, mdr and iqm support pretty much being the only changes.