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Title: Notify in logs when using QVM other than latest official one
Post by: Cacatoes on August 16, 2011, 03:29:20 AM
Similarly to some "hey, there's a new OA version out !" which has already been purposed.

My reason for asking this is several problems players had with updates, "bad" autodownloads, weird behaviours when joining/leaving servers ...

I'm not sure what could be the best way to implement that considering the variety of pk3s there is.

Another helpful thing could be to be able to list every QVM installed in client's computer (like some /qvmlist command, which would include mods), and tell about the pk3 they're installed in.

Sorry if this has been dealt in some dvpmt thread or is already in the plans, I kinda forgot about where.

Edit: loading back official QVM when leaving the server might also be helpful, but I think to remember this issue was tricky.