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Title: Change default bind for - / + keys
Post by: Cacatoes on October 27, 2011, 06:47:48 AM
Currently, it's used to change the size of the video window.
Come on, we never use that but always play fullscreen ... :p

So I was thinking it could control sound volume instead.

Haven't used it but here is an hint:
bind "]" "vstr ua_vu"
bind "[" "vstr ua_vd"
set "ua_vd" "vstr ua_g02"
set "ua_vu" "vstr ua_g04"
seta "ua_g01" "seta r_gamma 1.1;set ua_vd 'vstr ua_g01';set ua_vu 'vstr ua_g02';clear;echo Gamma *]1.1[=========*"
seta "ua_g02" "seta r_gamma 1.2;set ua_vd 'vstr ua_g01';set ua_vu 'vstr ua_g03';clear;echo Gamma *=]1.2[========*"
seta "ua_g03" "seta r_gamma 1.3;set ua_vd 'vstr ua_g02';set ua_vu 'vstr ua_g04';clear;echo Gamma *==]1.3[=======*"
seta "ua_g04" "seta r_gamma 1.4;set ua_vd 'vstr ua_g03';set ua_vu 'vstr ua_g05';clear;echo Gamma *===]1.4[======*"
seta "ua_g05" "seta r_gamma 1.5;set ua_vd 'vstr ua_g04';set ua_vu 'vstr ua_g06';clear;echo Gamma *====]1.5[=====*"
seta "ua_g06" "seta r_gamma 1.6;set ua_vd 'vstr ua_g05';set ua_vu 'vstr ua_g07';clear;echo Gamma *=====]1.6[====*"
seta "ua_g07" "seta r_gamma 1.7;set ua_vd 'vstr ua_g06';set ua_vu 'vstr ua_g08';clear;echo Gamma *======]1.7[===*"
seta "ua_g08" "seta r_gamma 1.8;set ua_vd 'vstr ua_g07';set ua_vu 'vstr ua_g09';clear;echo Gamma *=======]1.8[==*"
seta "ua_g09" "seta r_gamma 1.9;set ua_vd 'vstr ua_g08';set ua_vu 'vstr ua_g10';clear;echo Gamma *========]1.9[=*"
seta "ua_g10" "seta r_gamma 2.0;set ua_vd 'vstr ua_g09';set ua_vu 'vstr ua_g10';clear;echo Gamma *=========]2.0[*"

bind = "vstr ua_vup"
bind - "vstr ua_vdn"
set "ua_vdn" "vstr ua_vol04"
set "ua_vup" "vstr ua_vol06"
seta "ua_vol00" "seta s_volume 0.0;set ua_vdn 'vstr ua_vol00';set ua_vup 'vstr ua_vol01';echo Volume *]0.0[=========*"
seta "ua_vol01" "seta s_volume 0.1;set ua_vdn 'vstr ua_vol00';set ua_vup 'vstr ua_vol02';echo Volume *=]0.1[========*"
seta "ua_vol02" "seta s_volume 0.2;set ua_vdn 'vstr ua_vol01';set ua_vup 'vstr ua_vol03';echo Volume *==]0.2[=======*"
seta "ua_vol03" "seta s_volume 0.3;set ua_vdn 'vstr ua_vol02';set ua_vup 'vstr ua_vol04';echo Volume *===]0.3[======*"
seta "ua_vol04" "seta s_volume 0.4;set ua_vdn 'vstr ua_vol03';set ua_vup 'vstr ua_vol05';echo Volume *====]0.4[=====*"
seta "ua_vol05" "seta s_volume 0.5;set ua_vdn 'vstr ua_vol04';set ua_vup 'vstr ua_vol06';echo Volume *=====]0.5[====*"
seta "ua_vol06" "seta s_volume 0.6;set ua_vdn 'vstr ua_vol05';set ua_vup 'vstr ua_vol07';echo Volume *======]0.6[===*"
seta "ua_vol07" "seta s_volume 0.7;set ua_vdn 'vstr ua_vol06';set ua_vup 'vstr ua_vol08';echo Volume *=======]0.7[==*"
seta "ua_vol08" "seta s_volume 0.8;set ua_vdn 'vstr ua_vol07';set ua_vup 'vstr ua_vol09';echo Volume *========]0.8[=*"
seta "ua_vol09" "seta s_volume 0.9;set ua_vdn 'vstr ua_vol08';set ua_vup 'vstr ua_vol10';echo Volume *=========]0.9[*"
seta "ua_vol10" "seta s_volume 1.0;set ua_vdn 'vstr ua_vol09';set ua_vup 'vstr ua_vol10';echo Volume *==========]1.0[*"

Title: Re: Change default bind for - / + keys
Post by: RMF on October 28, 2011, 04:20:32 AM
Agree :)

Title: Re: Change default bind for - / + keys
Post by: 7 on October 28, 2011, 11:14:37 AM
Hmm, the script script doesn't set the initial volume and gamma.

I'd replace
set "ua_vd" "vstr ua_g02"
set "ua_vu" "vstr ua_g04"
vstr ua_g05

set "ua_vdn" "vstr ua_vol04"
set "ua_vup" "vstr ua_vol06"
vstr ua_vol05

Title: Re: Change default bind for - / + keys
Post by: fromhell on November 06, 2011, 06:37:25 AM
i'd get a keyboard with a volume knob

Lowering the view size can be helpful to get the 2d elements from obscuring your vision somewhat.