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Title: Developing CTF maps.
Post by: SooKee on January 06, 2012, 04:35:22 PM

Hi,  :)

I have been building a small CTF map using NetRadiant. Now I have basically built only half the map and I can simply do a 'select all', Copy, Paste, Rotate-180 to complete it.

Obviously this still leaves the map unfinished as both flags are blue flags and all spawn-points are blue spawn points etc....

Is there any tool or scheme that can help convert half the map from blue to red (flags/spawns/textures)?

As it stands I have saved my current map in its half completed state and will now build the full map by hand-making the changes. But this is still an early alpha of the map. When I inevitably make changes I will want to go back to the original half-map to make them. That means I have to go through the whole process of replacing all the blue items for red ones once again.

Some tool or work methodology would be a great help. Anyone got any ideas or advice on this?

Title: Re: Developing CTF maps.
Post by: PigCell on January 07, 2012, 01:05:47 PM
Maybe this might help: you work with 2 maps, one complete one for testing and a separate save file for the one half you're working on. Whenever you want to test, select the map, copy, paste, rotate, and leave everything selected. Now you can use the texture find and replace tool with the 'only in selected brushes' option on. As for Entities, I have no idea. Either group them or just have them all selected and overwrite the blue with red (or vice versa) in the entity window. I have found bounce pads to behave poorly on occasion, though - mainly due to something to do with their target entity or some such.