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Title: How do i create Mod and where is control for Player?
Post by: SourceSkyBoxer on April 16, 2012, 04:57:35 PM
Hello gzys,

i am new for our forum for OpenArena. Thank you for welcome! I am sorry. I am deaf :)
I am working a nice skater park for OpenArena - i would know because i want create Mod for OpenArena.

Look here picture from Mappingbae ( German Version ) I am sorry i want show about a nice skater mod for Open Arena :)
If you want see another pictures by me :) Don't worry! I am sorry pictures has same German Languages... Thanks :)

I want work with code :) - I find better than any games because Quake Engine has support for ramp types.... :)
Can you help me about "How do i create mod and Open Arena will show mod name 'Skater OA'?

I would say because i search long time - it does not find for creating mod for Open Arena Tutorial. :)
Please tell me completed! Thanks! I have been downloaded your open-arena-source and have been tried lcc and windress under Windows 7 x64.

Thanks best regards SourceSkyBoxer