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Title: Playermodel bugs?
Post by: Suicizer on October 28, 2012, 07:25:36 AM
I noticed after checking out several models, they contain several modelling errors.
I don't know if they are commonly known already, but I'll mention them anyway.

For example, Arachna seems to have some second head mounted on her back which appears in the die animation.


Another example is Penguin, which has some odd vertices near in the middle of his pants. This isn't very sightable ingame often due the darkness of the atmosphere of maps and the appearance of Penguin, but it is very clear when you would import them to any other game platform which supports the .md3-format.


I'm sure there are pretty much more, but these are the ones which I've found the quickest.

Title: Re: Playermodel bugs?
Post by: fromhell on October 28, 2012, 07:39:24 AM
....which is why i'm now sticking to a standard Lower/Upper/Head layout for OA3 without any special exceptions. :)

The reason why Arachna has two heads is so she can have her hair animated in the upper.md3. The second head is served for only the icon, however apparently it wasn't scaled down/moved down enough.

Angelyss also has the same trick but her head is on lower.md3 and the head.md3 is placed in the hand, reason being to fight the lighting seams that occur on the waist area.

The Penguin vertex problem's a good ol' fashioned weighitng error.