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Title: Halloween time !
Post by: Moixie on October 28, 2012, 11:41:41 AM
It's Halloween soon and many people all around the world prepare events and contents on this occasion to have much fun or much money. Games like Minecraft and Killing floor made a special version of their games, Dysneyland prepared the most beautiful parade with the most beautiful sets they could do and our supermarkets are full of sweets, skeletons and pumpkins. Therefore, I decided to work too to do something that no one will forget ! However, I met some problems I could'nt solve myself and that's the reason why I'm here.

As you can see on the attachment picture, I tried to do a pirate batlle and to create a special environment which sounds "halloweeny". Unfortunately, I deeply failed and it looks like the 2 ships are lost in the twilight zone. Indeed, we can't perceive anything which seems real arond ships. The water is black, the sky is black, the horizon is black. Then, even if I sound racist to you: I would like it to be less "black". I would like a grey smoke on the horizon which hide the surroundings and loses yourself in an unbelivebable world where people frag, bite and where you can't find any rabbits. I would like a dark water where we would only be able to distinguish skulls and bones. In other words, I want that:


To be brief, I would just like to know how to use and to create shaders. Also which ones you'd use to create the global ambiance I described upper.

If you need more informations about the map, tell me and I'll try to answer you the best can.

Title: Re: Halloween time !
Post by: Gig on October 29, 2012, 02:17:00 AM
Project sounds interesting.
I don't remember Q3 maps where they totally succeded in giving the impression of a unlimited sea instead of a pool (take a look to islanddm in OA), but my experience with "marine" maps is limited.

Title: Re: Halloween time !
Post by: Hitchhiker on November 02, 2012, 12:40:50 PM
Hi Moixie!

If you want I can help you with the GLSL shaders for the map. We might be able to get the smoke at the horizon and nice water effect with some moonlight reflections. Also, some refractions of water with the sea floor with skulls. The map looks familiar - I think is the one that Cacatoes kindly gave me the link to? But as I can't get my mind around the Radiant software I didn't make much use of it - glad to see that you have. Also, if it is this map then the boats are wooden we can make some nice wood texture for them too (maybe with some caustics for the underwater part). I don't know the Q3 shaders very good (very little) so can't help with that :(
Anyway.. I like the idea and hope I can help in some way - please let me know.

Title: Re: Halloween time !
Post by: Neon_Knight on November 02, 2012, 03:46:12 PM
We can also turn some of the existing maps into Halloween versions.

Take czest1dm for example... what needs to be done for that matter?