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Title: The mapmodels thread
Post by: Neon_Knight on July 09, 2013, 06:20:15 AM
In regards to mapping, mapmodels are one of the most required assets for mapping, alongside textures. They can be created with GTKRadiant (the output is an .ASE file with the method), but the best MM are created with 3D editors, such as Blender.

Basically, what's needed for our maps? Cosmo gives us an answer:

Textured mapmodels would be appreciated.

Things like teleporters, lamps, floodlights, sconces, floating skulls ;), decoration, stuff to spread out

If it's of utility for anyone, I've made once a sketch about how a teleporter for an egyptian-like map could be ( More sketches about required stuff would be helpful as well.

So, let the modelling... begin. :P