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Title: New Game Modes
Post by: Suicizer on December 09, 2013, 07:02:32 AM
As a lot of players bring up new game modes lately, here's my contribution to that;

- Red Rover.
There are 2 teams which start at the beginning of a match with a fairly equal amount of players. If someone get's fragged during the match by an opponent, the fragged player will move to the team of the player which fragged that player. The round ends when there's only 1 team left or the time limit has been reached.
Players in the same team can't kill each other.
This mode could actually support more than just 2 teams.

- Survivor
There is a bot formally called the "Mastermind". All players start at the other team as this bot. This bot has 1 weapon troughout the match (commonly a plasmagun), can't pick anything up (yet has about 999hp) and tries to kill any player within range. If he kills a player, that fragged player moves to the team of the bot and becomes a zombie with only a melee as weapon (and can't pick up anything). His goal is to get other players killed as well (1 touch of the gauntlet should kill tthe other player no matter what his health or armour is).
The players start with 125 health (no armour) and about 150 MG bullets and 25 SG shells while there are no other weapons throughout the map.
Players in the same team can't kill each other.
When the time limit of the round (not match!) has been hit, players which aren't in the same team as the bot are considered as survivors and gain a certain score.
During the round, next to the killing of the bot an infection takes place as well and player will be moved to the team of the bot at random (as being infected as a zombie). This happens to prevent the mode 'dies' when the mastermind can't frag any players.
If a player frags the mastermind, he will gain a certain amount of points and can grab the weapon as loot.
An addition to score system is that players gain a point when another player became a zombie while they are still not infected.