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Title: "Shoot-me button" FIX
Post by: Gig on July 02, 2015, 03:46:04 am
In OpenArena 0.8.8, "base_button/shootme2" shader (the shader for classic Q3 "shoot-me button" texture) is still missing, although its "base_button/shootme_glow.jpg" image is included in PK3 files at least since OA 0.8.1.

So, zz_buttonsfix.shader is a small fix wich adds that missing shader, hopefully to be included with some future OpenArena Release.

The shader code is NOT a copy from (copyrighted) "base_button/shootme2" from Quake3 Arena (also the path/name of the image loaded as background differs), but is a modification of some jumppad shader taken from OA 0.8.x (which is GPLv2+, by OpenArena Team) instead.

This shader can be considered GPLv2+ by OpenArena Team.

Note: zz_buttonsfix.shader file also contains "base_gothic/timbutton" shader: while looking at these shaders, I noticed a small error in OA 0.8.x "base_button/timbutton" shader (from "clown2.shader" file)... "q3map_surfacelight" appeared two times: one of them was erroneously written in the place of "qer_editorimage", so I fixed it here. I also added a brief description "comment" line. I did not made other changes to it.

You can download the pk3 attached to this post, OR following this link (
You can use it in your OA 0.8.x to see the red slowing pulsing circles on buttons to be shot, while playing in maps designed for Q3 which used that shader. Of course, many more Q3 compatibilty textures/shaders are missing, but at least, there is one less to do...

Could you please take a look to it? If that's OK, I would propose it in the "SVN Commits" thread.