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Title: Duel / Tournament / 1v1
Post by: DILZNIK on January 22, 2016, 07:21:27 pm
Everyone is invited to playing some games on some of the duel servers we have available to us today. The duel scene has picked up in OpenArena within the past years. In the past where this game was in absence of a 1v1 community; it has finally picked up with people interested in the gametype.

There are many times I've read players seek to have 1v1 CTF and to me theres no better way to play 1v1 anything other than duel. Duel is one of the popular gametypes from Q3/QL. The competition becomes intense with the more players who are involved. Along with CTF I believe 1v1 can be one of the most exciting games you can ask for. I hope people will come out of the woods and give it a go at least once. Playing 1v1 puts your skills to the test against an opponent in the same arena. Make sure you guys are brining a friend who you can have some awesome games with.

Some of the servers I would recommend for people to look out for are listed below.

supeR,Duel ( | EU
Cookie Duel ( | USA

Don't segregate the continents and only play where you have the advantage. Play where there are people!

Servers come and go but these are some of the few servers that you can easily hold matches on. I'm sure they're plenty of hot heads who love these kind of battles.

No matter what happens in the arena.. No one can save you in a duel.

People brand new to duel should learn the map aggressor to get them started in the 1v1 life.

Title: Re: Duel / Tournament / 1v1
Post by: DILZNIK on March 12, 2016, 06:58:20 pm
Recently :F has also added the option to spawn a duel server. Connecting to one of the :F servers and using the @spawn command will spawn the server of your choice.

@spawn duel