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Title: Zombie game type
Post by: cheb on February 03, 2017, 09:59:58 am
Red team are survivors. Do not respawn, go to blue team if fragged. Everything else is standard.

Blue team are zombies. Respawn normally. Gauntlet only + constant Regeneration. Team is initially filled with as many Easy difficulty bots as there are players. All bots and players look identical (GRISM, or some other standard skin) and their name tags disabled so you can't tell bots from players. Cannot pick up anything.

Fragged red players respawn as zombies immediately right where they were slain.

Ranking is done by survival time (and by frags among top players surviving until the end of the round).

P.S. I have played a Zombie mode in AoS. I have to say that the fun is in the unstable equilibrium. As long as the survivor team plays smart and defensively, chances of the zombie crowd growing are low. But make one mistake and it's a mean positive feedback and you soon have one last man standing fleeing from a literal flood of bloodthirsty players.
In short, it's unpredictable. And fun.

P.P.S. Make the zombies silent in both running and attacking, for extra fun. :giggity:

Title: Re: Zombie game type
Post by: GrosBedo on March 11, 2017, 05:03:36 pm
I would love such a gametype, and it does not seem too difficult to implement, just needs someone with enough time to develop this over a few days. Would be very fun to play!