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Title: MLCTF1BETA2 - Some fixes to Meisterlampe's Training Grounds map
Post by: Gig on September 11, 2018, 03:08:28 AM
Shaman in these days published on Discord ( mlctf1beta2 (a new version of mlctf1beta, a map originally designed by Meisterlampe which published it while mostly finished although not 100% polished, and was included into OA 0.8.8 after a few tweaks by Neon_Knight).

You can download mlctf1beta2 from here ( (mirror (
PK3 file includes GPL license, readme file, .map source. 767 KB.

Changes against mlctf1beta:
- Higher ceiling, for more rocketjump action (may be interesting in elimination_ctf or g_elimination).
- Removed invisible walls in the middle, which hampered players rocketjumping and spectators.
- Some fixes for bots (I don't know exactly what was the problem).
- Fixed texturing of a few, tiny surfaces (I don't know exactly where).
- Removed invisible walls which prevented from rocketjumping from the central areas to the lateral corridors and hampered spectators floating high. Now spectating is a nicer experience than in original version, with much less "flickering" geometry (at the cost of some less VIS optimization, but one has to accept some compromises I guess), even with the ability to pass above the towers. In case someone may not like this last point of changes, there is a previous test version without them: .pk3 (, .map (
- Lighting is a bit different for some reason, probably due to different compiler options.