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Title: hello there!
Post by: xerxes on March 30, 2019, 01:11:13 pm
hi community

im xerxes,  omen of disgrace administrator and i have done a concept / demo wich i have left in alpha
bcz is all bassed in system shock assets  
if anyone is  interested to check it,  its  psyshock  at moddb / indiedb

i am interested to work with open arena  
yesterday i have dwnloaded the engine and OAremix
later i installed quake 3 just to compare and see what can be done

im trying to install the map editor etc  
i find a bit complicated some stuff due im using centos 7  
but perhaps i have windows 8 and 10  in other partition

what im more interested in is to make FX particle system, sounds  and later maps
things like gore/blood, etc

well for now thats all for introduction
i will reach the forum as soon as i have free time

laters chummers  nice to meet ya !   B,

Title: Re: hello there!
Post by: Gig on March 30, 2019, 03:18:03 pm
Hello, nice to meet you!  :)