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 on: January 15, 2018, 02:01:51 pm 
Started by ELR1C_C150utcast - Last post by fromhell
1) I consider the wiki unofficial and only useful for information/guide purposes only.   Creative direction happens off-site (and usually in a private forum where it'll be ignored by those with access to it anyway).

Currently the OA3 cast is a bunch of my own designs (dark elves, lamias etc) plus select Arne's designs contributed from this thread which helped my creative block massively.  Then I model/texture them, and attempt to animate them (since animating a player model is a very lost art) in which no one helps at all and they rot on my hard drive until i'm ready.  I also have to try and find the spare time and motivation for doing this.

2) Not always a guarantee.  Many of the redesigns are hugely technical (i.e. one 24-bit texture surface) and conform to a new art direction which will need their proportions exaggerated and their skin detail somewhat simplified (no grainy bits etc) and conforming to the split model standard, so no more Angelyss  entire-figure-is-a-lower-model-for-the-slingshot-bikini-to-not-be-broken-and-jiggle-physics trick etc.

3) It's usually just me filtering the designs out by laying concepts out on some grid and seeing if something sticks out.  OA3's general inspiration is high fantasy / tech mix, akin to Phantasy Star, which I feel isn't done in FPSes much and would compliment the fast gameplay the most and brings the most varied of map themes (and sense).

Of course, you can try to make your own character and, after it's fully completed and tested, ask for its inclusion through the SVN commits thread... it will be Fromhell, the project leader, to decide.

Don't mislead into futile development.  I don't even have a SVN client installed for years anymore given how creatively dried up the scene is...

 on: January 15, 2018, 01:57:10 pm 
Started by Gig - Last post by fromhell

 on: January 15, 2018, 03:39:31 am 
Started by ELR1C_C150utcast - Last post by Gig
Hello Nick, welcome!  Smiley

Are you referring to ?

That page keeps some generic ideas for characters left by various people, not only real "requests" from the project leader... it's not said that if someone will made one of such characters, it will end up in some official release. Also, probably much of that list was written before the OA3 guidelines...

Of course, you can try to make your own character and, after it's fully completed and tested, ask for its inclusion through the SVN commits thread... it will be Fromhell, the project leader, to decide.

If you wish to make a character for an official OA release, you should aim for OA3 standards (anime-ish style), as no more OA 0.x patches are scheduled.

About making additional skins for OA 0.x characters, of course you can do them and "publish" them on your own... but most OA 0.x characters will be reworked or replaced with someone else in OA3, so skins designed for OA 0.x will probably not fit OA3 models.

I hope Fromhell may give you better infos about what she needs...

 on: January 15, 2018, 02:53:01 am 
Started by Gig - Last post by Gig
I noticed that ryvnf (also known as Commie or Saminuorra), thanks to help by L0neStarr (mentioned as author of "fx3" engine ---I haven't found it, I don't know if it is another ioquake3 fork or what---), has just implemented a nice feature in his ''yu engine'' (ioquake3 fork aimed for OpenArena): tabbed folders in console.

They found a way to optionally separe chat from other messages: as you can see in the video he posted here (and explained in its readme here:
at the bottom of the console there are four "tabs": all, sys, chat, tchat. Switching to another "tab" ("all" is the default), he can activate a filter, showing only the kind of messages he wants.
This seems very useful to re-read chat messages, without having to dig in the sea of other notifications.

Maybe you may wish to backport such feature into the official OpenArena engine? Just an idea...
I suppose that shouldn't bee too hard, although maybe one may have to pay some attention to the fact that code may include support for some other console changes previously made by yu engine, that are not required.

 on: January 15, 2018, 02:42:05 am 
Started by ELR1C_C150utcast - Last post by ELR1C_C150utcast
Greetings! I was kinda compelled to help out with contributing some character designs but i'm kinda stuck with a number of questions before i proceed. Also to clarify, i'm more or less a novice character designer or digital artist in general, and am still in the process of learning how to use 3D modeling programs and maybe a little programming and coding here and there, so it may be some time before I can be any significant help to you guys with making the models and stuff.  So... Here goes ^_^;

1) In the Open Arena Wiki, there's a list of 'To do'  character designs that don't seem to be implemented yet... Should the designs i make of the ones in the to do list end up in the current build of Open Arena (it they get permitted or validated into the roster or something) Or should they end up in the OpenArena 3 release version instead?

2)If i make a redesign of an existing character (i.e. Beret with a more Vietnam War era look or a more Gulf War era look ) and assuming it gets validated as a skin for that existing character, will it end up in the current build or OpenArena 3 release version instead?

3)Is there a committee that approves character designs, and are there any particular rubrics that i need to abide by whilst making the design? I did remember reading in either the wiki or somewhere  here in the forums that  any designs that are too reminiscent of Q3 or is copyrighted or uses too much "gritty realistic"   boring colors or designs  and even something about Lovercraftian type designs or something are not what the devs are looking for (and yup, no obscene or nsfw or political stuff in either... Theres enough of that clogging up in the internet so i'm glad the people working on this game agree lol ) But are there any other specific things in the design that i should add or remove?

I guess having typed all 3 questions i came to realize that the last one was a bit vague and is very context sensitive and the first 2 questions are almost essentially the same, but i guess If i end up stuck somewhere or curious, i'll just maybe add more questions here or look for a more proper thread for asking questions of this matter?  Eitherway, many thanks to the people and community here for working on and contributing in this awesome open source arena shooter! I guess I'll gush more about this project later in a more appropriate thread or something, but thanks again  nonetheless Smiley

-ELDR1C_C150utcast... You can also call me Eldric, or Elric... Or Nick!

 on: January 08, 2018, 02:05:33 am 
Started by Aileras - Last post by Gig
A "map rotation script" is a series of user-generated variables in which each one contains a series of commands which include the command which invokes a new map "map <mapname>" and a command which invokes the next variable as nextmap.

This is a simple map rotation script:
set d1 "map aggressor; set nextmap vstr d2"
set d2 "map oa_dm1; set nextmap vstr d3"
set d3 "map wrackdm17; set nextmap vstr d1" // Restart loop
vstr d1 // first loop start - go to d1
"vstr <variable>" is the command which says to "run" the content of a variable as a command. "//" does simply mean what follows is a "comment". d1, d3, d3 are just the user-generated variables names, they may have been named as you prefer (v1, v2, v3; loopa, loopb, loopc; etc.) as long as you don't use the names of existing variables or commands.

I think a classical approach is to create such scripts in apposite .cfg files with a plain text editor to be uploaded in your <baseoa or mod> folder, so you can pre-configure different scripts and choose which map rotation script to run by just executing the cfg file you wish (e.g. "exec rotation1.cfg" or "exec rotation2.cfg"). Or automatically execute the script at startup by putting it in a file named autoexec.cfg.

However, if you don't want to upload files to the server and you don't need to pre-configure multiple scripts, I suppose you may use the console to create the required "user-created variables" using "seta <variable> <value>" (instead of "set <variable> <value>") and then "writeconfig" to have them saved (user-created variables made with "set" are not saved to config, IIRC). See for more infos on CVARS.
Then, you should just enter "vstr d1" when you will want to launch the script to start the rotation.

Note: IIRC, changing gametype breaks map rotation scripts (I don't know the reason, but I think it's this way since Q3A - After a gametype change, server admin has to start the rotation again, or the server will continue using the same map forever), so I would suggest to either do not allow voting for gametype, or to use "mappools" ( instead of "map rotation scripts".

 on: January 07, 2018, 05:15:59 pm 
Started by Aileras - Last post by Aileras
Thank you Gig,

I looked at the server cfg file I was sent and it says "g_spskill 2" so if I'm reading right, that means it's at default already and I don't want to lower it anymore. But now I know how to change it, if need be.

As far as map rotation goes, this would mean I would have to edit the server cfg file and upload it to the server? This is the part that gets confusing to me. I only have access to the server through the console and would have to get the owner to edit it, is that right? Not something I want to bother him with, it's not that important. I know how to open new maps with /map <map name> just to have a little variety.

Thanks again for your help

 on: January 06, 2018, 02:37:37 am 
Started by Aileras - Last post by Gig
You can set bot_minplayers <number> to have the game add or remove bots automatically, to fit the requested number of players (per team in case of team-based modes). New bots will have the skill specified in g_spskill <number.dec> variable (5.0 is nightmare).
Bot_minplayers 0 will not automatically add or remove bots.
You can manually add bots with "addbot botname skill team" or something similar (like addbot sarge 4 red), I'm not sure about the order of the parameters.
You can manually kick bots like players (kick botname) or all of them at once with "kick allbots" (not supported in older gamecode).

To setup map change, you can either use a "classic" map rotation script (you can find examples under "configuration examples" link above) or with "autonextmap" feature (not supported in older gamecode):

 on: January 06, 2018, 02:16:36 am 
Started by Aileras - Last post by Gig
They actually exist some third party tools/bots to administer servers...
But the "admin" system described on github is integrated with the latest versions of OA, I think.
I never used it due to not being a server admin... it may just require to put some settings in some configuration file. I think you may use it to ban people... maybe it's possible also without using it, but I don't know... Maybe some actual server admin may read this thread and give you better infos.

Discord can be run from browser without the need to install the program or to register, and IIRC works well also with XP (just using Firefox or Chrome)

Feel free to ask more, if you need!

 on: January 05, 2018, 05:58:25 pm 
Started by Aileras - Last post by Aileras
Yes thank you for the links. I'm just not that tech savvy. The wiki pages are confusing to me, my old brain isn't what it used to be so I was looking for some direct input. The github link was interesting but I'm guessing thats something the server owner would have to install and I don't want to bother him if I don't have to. He has moved on to other endeavours, that's why I agreed to look after the server. I don't think discord will work on my xp pc.

The server is doing fine so no worries and thanks again for your time.

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