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Author Topic: Test QVM(s) - updates will be posted here...  (Read 13187 times)
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« on: September 03, 2007, 07:28:46 PM »

I will update this post whenever there is a new file to test. I have locked the thread so that it is strictly for reading info about the test qvm(s). All posts (questions/problems/etc) should be in the original thread (or any thread you feel like). Hopefully this will make it easy for everyone to see the latest changes. I will put the latest changes at the top of this file and in the list below. When a new file is posted, any changes that were listed at the top will be removed from the top and replaced by the new changes... Hopefully this is not too confusing...
[Update 9/8/7 11:27:00 MDT]
New file posted. Model restrictions now work for player models as well as bots.


Here's a file for those that are willing to test. There are many changes over the shipping OA code. As I make other changes (or fix issues that get reported to me) I will keep this link updated. The file is pak8.pk3, so all you have to do is d/l it and put it in your baseoa directory. Then, test away, report issues (or happiness :-), and then, if you want to revert back to the shipping code, just delete the pak8.pk3 file.

I'll list most of the current differences between this file and the official OA release code. I have added quite a bit, so bear with me while you are stuck reading a pretty long post. If you have any suggestions for other things that need to be fixed or enhancements, feel free to post away. If it makes sense, I'll try to put it together...

* fixed up/down arrows on server list in multiplayer
* fixed servers with color codes in name not aligning correctly in server list
* added mouse wheel scroll in server list
* fixed incorrect display info below server list (description below).
* fixed memory corruption if more than 64 maps are in base directory
* added ability to display 150+ maps in skirmish/create server
* added auto remapping of unknown bot names to known names, with prefs (description below)
* fixed bug in server info menu
* fixed bug when deleting server from favorites list
* latest fixes from ioquake svn (Rev 1142)
* added ability to define user preferred bots. (Description below)
* added ability to define restricted bot models. (Description below)
* maps are now sorted by mapname (for map selection)
* can use 0-9 and a-z for quick page selection in map list

[Incorrect display info below server list]

When you select multiplayer, the menu is brought up with a list box of servers that are found. Just below the list box is a status line that says something like 57 of 57 servers (I can't remember exactly, cuz I fixed it and it's gone...). If you click on GameType, ShowFull, or ShowEmpty, the number of servers in the list changes based on the filter selected, but the count is not correct. I changed it to reflect the real number of servers that match the criteria out of the total number of servers found.

[User Preferred Bots]

This new feature accepts the cvar 'bprefs' (stands for bot Preferences). This string should be a list of preferred bot names separated by spaces. If defined, this list will be used when remapping unknown bots (other issue listed above). You can also force this list of preferred bots to show up at the front of the bot list. This is accomplished by passing in a bot name of ff (force front) along with the list of preferred bots.
   Ex. \set bprefs ff sergei grunt major beret tony

If this command is executed, these 5 bots would be the first 5 bots listed in the bot list (when selecting bots for skirmish or multiplayer) The rest of the bots would follow immediately after, sorted in alphabetical order. If the ff is omitted, the bots will just show up in their normal alphabetical order. The only real difference (from regular OA) here is that this list of preferred bots would be used when remapping unknown bots. The code tries to make sure that it does not select an already selected bot when autoremapping of an unknown bot. If it tries a couple of times and can't find an easy way out, it just leaves the bot empty.

The theory behind this capability (force front) is, if you have favorite bots that you like to play, why not have them show up in the front of the list for easier selection? The pak8.pk3 file that I have posted has a modifed default.cfg file. The example line above has been entered into it so that any testers will be able to see the functionality. If you don't like the preferred bots, just set bprefs with your own list (and save your configuration).

I am working on adding a randomizer to the auto remapping of unknown bots, but it's not there yet.

[Restricted Models]
This one is a start on an effort to present a possibility to achieve some peoples goal of removing some of the more edgy content from OA. This is for a default setting and does not remove or delete any of the current OA models. All it is designed to do is to allow a default to be configured so that you have to manual do something to enable the more edgy content. I know, based on the other thread, that there is a content management system in the works for the future, so this is intended merely as a stop-gap measure to get something out and working while the future is being worked on.

This change accepts the cvar 'resmodels' (stands for restricted models). This string should be a list of models that you want restricted (access denied) in the bot selection menu. (I am working on adding it to the player selection also but not there yet...)
   Ex. \set resmodels show angelyss arachna dark jenna rai widowe tanisha nekoyumi sly

If this command is executed, the listed bots will not be accessible from the selection menu. Because this is just a first round of trying to 'hide' the more edgy content, I have implemented 3 different ways that this cvar will be interpreted.

1) if only model names (no special commands) are included in the cvar, all models listed will be totally removed from the list of bots.
   ex. \set resmodels angelyss arachna dark jenna

2) If the word 'show' is included in the list of models, this will cause the restricted models to still show up in the list of bots, but their images will be replaced with an image that has '17+ restricted' on it. They will no be selectable, but their names will still show up in the list in their regular alphabetical order. The pak8.pk3 file that I posted has a modified default.cfg file that has the example line below included in it. This will cause the listed bots to have their images replaced, but will still be in the list as described.
   Ex. \set resmodels show angelyss arachna dark jenna rai widowe tanisha nekoyumi sly

3) If the word 'showend' is include in the list of models, all restricted models will appear in the list (as 17+ restricted), but will be moved to the end of the list. This forces all restricted models to be after any selectable models.
   Ex. \set resmodels showend angelyss arachna dark jenna rai

If you can, please play around with the different settings for the preferred bots and restricted bots and give me feedback. I included the various way of doing things so that you could let me know what works best for you. What makes sense and what is just programmer overload :-)


This is still very much a work in progress, and not necessarily ready for primetime, but for those that want to peruse the source, here's a link... The file is 4mb.  Source Link

I wrote most of the code today, so this is really first round ugly code, so if someone wants to use it somewhere, give me a chance to clean it up first... Not a requirement, just a request... There's probably still debug stuff in there that needs to be removed too... Work in progress...

I will put together a diff file for the changes also in case someone would prefer to get the code that way. Should have it up there in a day or two... Still making lots of changes and would prefer to hold off for a little. If someone absolutely can't live without, let me know and I'll get it up there...
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« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2007, 11:24:13 AM »

New update now available. This version includes model restrictions for player models. Previous version only supported bot models.

NOTE: The default.cfg file has been changed to no longer show the '17+ restricted' image for restricted models. The default now is to total remove from display. If you want to change it, as per instructions below, add either 'show' or 'showend' to the line in the default config that set the resModels.

Here's the link...
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