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Author Topic: How to ask for help in a smart manner.  (Read 3335 times)
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First read this:
many of these tips will go a long way to help us help you.

If your answer can't be found using these commonsense and easy to follow tips then we are going to need you to do some work so that we can actually help you.  If "x level runs poorly," well, what are your hardware specs?  What settings are you using to run the game?  Does the console put out any error messages?  What operating system are you using?

If the "game fails to start," again, what are your hardware specs?  What operating system are you using?  Have any mysterious log files suddenly appeared in your user data directory?  What do they say?  What have you attempted to get the game running?  Have you re-compiled?  Have you performed any registry hacks to change Windows default behavior?

In short we can't help you if you don't help us help you.  Expecting otherwise is lesson in futility.

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