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Author Topic: NEW [JACK] RCTF SERVER!!!  (Read 3714 times)

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« on: February 09, 2008, 11:08:57 PM »

hey guys!!! leaving this post to let ya know about the new server : )  .............its the [JACK] clans new rctf server......we've got 40 rctf maps (the 20 or so in rotation have been handpicked by everyone)......more character models (alot of DBZ :-D  ) ............alot of new stuff! the sites for the d/l are on our team page,  you could also just turn on auto d/l  to the server.    the auto d/l to the server takes between 3-15 minutes depending on your connection Smiley     come in and see us at the rctf or at [Jack] ctf  : D 

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yay rctf! Cheesy

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