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Author Topic: OA Freezing, wtf?  (Read 15756 times)

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it has happened to me as well. locks up and when it gets rolling again you're already dead.

Are you sure that the game does not lock up because you die?

The game is not supposed to cache player models when they join. Instead they should be cached upon checking the score. Since the score is displayed when you die it will often freeze just before the death message appear. If a player has joined and you are feeling secure you can call the scoreboard up to force model loading before dying.

i'm pretty sure that it's not because i die. it's not always a certain death, it dependes on whether i'm in a fight when it happens or not. i also play with forcemodels so the model loading should not be that big a problem. if i remember correctly the lagometer displays some odd signals - but the most irritating thing is that i cannot move, but i can see the other players running around shooting, and it's not delayed actions or people running into walls. i can even type and send messages when it locks up. but it happens very rarely so i've never really cared about looking for reasons Tongue

Exactly the same thing with me, i thought it was my connection.

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