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Author Topic: Hosting a 0.7.7 dedicated server  (Read 2597 times)
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« on: May 30, 2008, 06:18:13 am »

There are two major changes when hosting a 0.7.7 dedicated compared to earlier versions and I just want to point them out:

Protocol has changes from 68 to 69. This means that the old binaries cannot be used to host a 0.7.7 server. They must be upgraded to 0.7.7 binaries. If you for some reason you compile your own binary it must use protocol 69.

I have spotted some servers on that suffers from this problem.

If you do NOT want your server to show on the master server list it is no longer enough to use "set dedicated 1". Dedicated servers using the "oa_ded.X" binary will always try to register on the master server if they are reachable from the Internet. It you host a dedicated 0.7.7 that is reachable from the Internet but you don't want to appear on the list you should either delete the master server from your config file or firewall outgoing UDP port 27950.

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