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Author Topic: we got a serious problem here  (Read 106646 times)

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They are perfectly valid points. People should be free to retain the old version if they wish, but personally I disagree with that and find it frustrating that not everybody moves on as quickly as I do - because unless the new version simply doesn't work on my system, I see no reason to stick with the older version.

The main difference between me and a lot of other players is that I am content to use OpenArena regardless of the new sounds, options etc - simply because that's the direction the game is heading. And I tolerate the minor bugs because I know they will be fixed in due course.

If players don't like a certain aspect of the game, they are free to have their say and the developers can act on that however they want. That is the nature of the project. Also, the sounds and things have been changed in the past so there is nothing to say that in the next few years, they won't be changed again for some reason. Remember that OA is still in its infancy.

When we get to the end of the road - the final product - and players are still having the same problems I will be very surprised. In the meantime, I believe it can only be beneficial to move along with the development of the game.

But that's just me...

PS: Backwards compatibility is not always possible when too much is changed.

PPS: I think testing can only do so much. There are so many computers with so many operating systems and configurations, etc out there. No matter how hard the developers try, somebody is bound to encounter some kind of bug. Some things are available in the SVN before the new versions are released. Testing these ourselves can also help to reduce bugs in later versions.

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