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« on: September 15, 2007, 09:25:26 AM »

well often if someone leaves when the next map is loading, the game will still think the person is there, leaving a lifeless body with either 0 or around 14 ping. sometimes the person will time out after a while, but sometimes that person's body is stuck on the server, whether he/shes a spec, or actually playing. in rctf, if you have more than two ppl your team has a slight more disadvantage than if there is only one person on t he other team; so if the game thinks that there are two ppl on one team, then the person on the lifeless body's team will be at a disadvantage. Is this an open arena problem or a quake problem?

and the bots, im an admin of ruds servers, so sometimes i will add bots to the rctf server(when its on :/ ) and if i go "/rcon addbot sarge" without adding the skill level, or team, it will auto assign the bot and the skill level will be hurt me plenty. the only problem with this is that sometimes the face indicating skill lvl will not appear. i suppose that can be kinda cool, having a bot that ppl will think is human, but still.

I downloaded some models, and when i add them as bots on a single player skirmish, the console says "weapon number out of range" (or something close to that) in red letters before that specific bot tries to shoot. i dont find that this affects actual gameplay, but it is kind of annoying being that it says it A LOT and if you wanted to see something that happened earlier via console, its impossible.

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