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Author Topic: 0.8.0 Bugs/Remarks thread  (Read 47128 times)
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« Reply #75 on: September 13, 2008, 04:18:36 AM »

I think there is a small logical bug with the server filters.

the 'only humans' filter seems to show servers which have no bots instead of only humans. this results in showing empty servers even if empty servers are filtered out. I have attached a screenshot which shows it.
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« Reply #76 on: September 13, 2008, 04:39:15 AM »

Schism-b2 makes my server crash in TDM (tried in mode Elimination (Cool too).
Sorry if already reported-fixed.

72272 files in pk3 files
Loading vm file vm/qagame.qvm...
...which has vmMagic VM_MAGIC_VER2
Loading 1207 jump table targets
VM file qagame compiled to 1424775 bytes of code
qagame loaded in 2836640 bytes on the hunk
------- Game Initialization -------
gamename: baseq3
gamedate: Aug  6 2008
InitGame: \g_needpass\0\elimination_ctf_oneway\0\elimination_roundtime\120\g_del
flags\0\sv_hostname\^^66ROFL^^55 Bisou a tous\sv_minRate\0\sv_maxRate\10000\sv_m
ion\ioq3+oa 1.35 linux-i386 Aug 10 2008\protocol\70\mapname\schism-b2\gamename\b
Gametype changed, clearing session data.
0 teams with 0 entities
20 items registered
------- BotLib Initialization -------
loaded weapons.c
loaded items.c
loaded syn.c
loaded rnd.c
loaded match.c
------------ Map Loading ------------
trying to load maps/schism-b2.aas
loaded maps/schism-b2.aas
found 52 level items
24 bots parsed
42 arenas parsed
AAS initialized.
ClientConnect: 2
ClientUserinfoChanged: 2 n\^6C^7acatoes\t\3\model\sarge/classicblue\hmodel\sarge
Sending heartbeat to
ClientBegin: 2
ClientUserinfoChanged: 2 n\^6C^7acatoes\t\1\model\sarge/classicblue\hmodel\sarge
ClientUserinfoChanged: 2 n\^6C^7acatoes\t\1\model\sarge/classicblue\hmodel\sarge
ERROR: Couldn't find a spawn point
----- Server Shutdown (Server crashed: Couldn't find a spawn point) -----
Sending heartbeat to
Sending heartbeat to
==== ShutdownGame ====
AAS shutdown.
recursive error after: Couldn't find a spawn point

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« Reply #77 on: September 15, 2008, 04:33:11 PM »

I installed the newest version under Ubuntu 8.04.1 via GetDeb, and I don't see the mission pack mod! Is it implemented under GNU/Linux?
Just check your files list in OA installation directory. There should be a missionpack dir. Are you sure you use 0.8 ? (bottom right corner while game is launched). You can select missionpack in the main menu of the game, it's between "demos" and "mods". Otherwise your .deb has been badly made or is not 0.8.
No, there is no missionpack in the mod menu. Sad
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« Reply #78 on: September 26, 2008, 04:45:35 PM »

It was a choice of sticking this in here and getting it buried like the other long bug threads, or starting a new thread... but it's nothing compared to the other issues.  (Maybe someone already pointed out the following.)

Some people have noticed that the chaingun bullet hit / water effects don't seem to be visible.  (page 2)

AFAIK, the effects will be missing if you're using unlagged hitscan.

Both g_delagHitscan (server) and cg_delag (client) need to be "1" for you to not see anything (I think "Unlag hitscan" sets both).  If you set one or the other by hand, this does not always happen (naturally).

Same for connecting to a server with or without g_delagHitscan 1.
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« Reply #79 on: September 26, 2008, 05:52:16 PM »

@Joe le Kiffeur
GetDeb might have omitted missionpack. It is a question about packaging.

Added to the list

It is now a filter although it is placed with the filters. It does not filter servers. It uses an alternative way to count the players on a server. I might change something though...

Known problem (noteam on all spawns), but still unfixed (because of the textures that map might have more issues)

Added to the list

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« Reply #80 on: September 30, 2008, 08:52:47 AM »

Another bug:

As a spectator in KAOS2, you can exit the confines of the map as if /noclip were enabled. Just go straight through the wall of the elevator that leads to the quad damage. Demo attached.
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« Reply #81 on: September 30, 2008, 12:24:13 PM »

As a spectator
spectators don't play though, so not a high priority.

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