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Author Topic: Multiplayer planning tool? (interpreted programming language prefered)  (Read 4684 times)

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« on: August 11, 2008, 12:44:13 PM »

Hi there!

Because there isn’t an autobalancing tool/mod for OA (well, is there? i didn’t find any), i want to create some kind of tool for doing it manually. I want to enter some information like average ping, average kills per map, FPS, resolutioon - for short: all things, that build ones playing ability and technical base. Then i want to click a button to create teams that balanced regarding to the informations entered.

Because i run Linux (and ONLY Linux - there are no Windows machines around me), i prefer some kind of interpreted language for this tool, like a PHP application with a MySQL table as database, a Python script with plain text “database”, or something like that. I’d even take some .deb files Smiley

Do you know such tool? Or is there a website or an spreadsheet file to create such lists?

And if not, what data would you allocate to create a single value in the end, and what alorithm would you use?


PS.: You might wonder how to get the connection from the tool/database/whatever to OA. Well: Actually we TALK to each other before starting a CTF match Wink

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