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Author Topic: 0.8.0 released. The mouse does suck. Server search too!  (Read 19848 times)
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i see a pattern to the mouse problems for me with 0.8.0.  its when i am holding a keyboard key the mouse seems to get very steppy and impossible to track others with.

as far as i can tell this seems related to player movement and much more obvious the lower the fps of the movement.  the tests came out like this:

com_maxfpspmove_fixedloss of movement
1250difficult to track static objects
5000possible to track objects but still noticable
5001the mouse movement problems are back with a vengance
100nearly total loss of mouse movement when moving

for those i adjusted my hand movement between two points to be the same distance between two walls and kept aiming at each left and right, then started walking forward and paid attention to steppyness and also tried to track a piece of a wall moving left and right for the not as bad fps rates.  something i should note is i use a steelseries ikari mouse, this and many others seem to have a very variable polling rate, i remember someone thought the game wasnt keeping up with the polling rate and that seems like it could be the case here by the values used in movement fps.  500hz is around average for this mouse but it spikes to like 3600hz+ and for odigo even higher.  500 fps was around where things started to normalise closer to a decent games mouse movement.  if this is where the problem lies i can now see why milage varies so much because the polling rate of mice are diverse, from 20hz-90hz on my laptop to 500hz-3600hz+ on my desktop, 125hz for standard ps/2 mice and 1000hz for several razer mice.

was it attempted to make mouse movement independant of frame rate and dependant on player movement instead (which is dependant on graphic frame rate with pmove_fixed is 0)?
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this is a fix for finding servers under ver 0.8. Works very fine for me. (for windows) (compiled by a guy here)



Finaly some help that works on that No servers showing on IN-GAME browser.
Took a few months but now its fixed for me.
Thank you very much for your help gemy * thumbs up*
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