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Author Topic: OA 0.8.0 releases to be pulled  (Read 38354 times)
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« Reply #25 on: September 22, 2008, 08:21:25 AM »

Quote from: andrewj
The textures ARE gpl and hence there is no need to replace them.

I think the whole situation is because nobody really knows what license really applies to the textures (especially the modified ones).
People knew that TRaK said that the textures were GPL.

fromhell knew that there might be problems with them, since they are based on cgtexture's license, which obviously is non-free. fromhell knew that TRaK said that he got permission to release his derivates under the GPL. As strange as it sounds.

For some strange reason people (including fromhell) thought that when cgtexture's admins said "our stuff is not GPL-compatible" this meant that there was no way that TRaK really had permission to release his textures under GPL.

Leilol, you will have to inform us of what is happening. (Did you recieve confirmation from cgtextures' admins? Do you accept the textures as being legally gpl'ed now?)

Also you will have to state whether or not you made a mistake by accusing TRaK and if you say that you did, you will have to openly excuse yourself (or do it personally, but then you will have to make an open statement about the fact that you did it).

I'm not dictating to you how to do your job. I just think it's in your best interest to give transparency on this matter.

I'm sorry if I insult you by making these demands, but my expeirence so far was that you are seldomly communicating about topics which are "finished" for you. I want you to know that there is interest about what you think of your own actions.


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« Reply #26 on: September 22, 2008, 01:16:33 PM »

I just started to play OA, and even got started with making a clan. And I would realy like if you just put it back up again,  or find out if he lied by contacting cgtextures and then put it up again.

Most ppl posting, and many more only reading, would be happy to see how everything gets back normal again.
So we would just be thankful if you would care to get it up again, and tell us whats happening.

And everyone else keep in mind, this reaction was not that  wrong, because releasing licensed stuff under gpl without permission can end up in big problems. So i can understand why to put all content offline.
Just get things right now and id like to see no hate between you for such strange reasons o_O
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