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Author Topic: Mod long?  (Read 3089 times)
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« on: November 24, 2008, 07:34:30 PM »

So I got a couple of ideas for a mod (functional, not content/models)....but I don't want to reinvent the

Who all is working on what specific to OA modwise?

I got a couple of ideas...and if you could reply with who's workin on it if already...

Game Wise:
Killing Sprees (Cvar'd On/Off)
Incremented Multikill (replaces the plain old "excellent")
Goomba Kills (Cvar'd On/Off)

End of Match Stats/Awards

Server Admin Wise:
Shrubbot Style Admin (ala: RTCW/ET)
!Kick, !Ban, !Warn, !Mute, !Slap, !Lol, !Launch/Fling/Toss, !Burn(If it's in the renderer), !Disorient, !Admintest, etc
(Keep rcon out of's a pain in the ass and kills functionality)

Lastly, I'd love to build a way to dump the stats to a sql-compliant db or an xml web file to make a splatter ladder for the web...

Any direction on who's doing what so maybe I could get people together to build it would be great...

PS: Yes, I am very aware how much this is Enemy-Territory like...It was one of my favorite games, but since I found OA, and it ran 10x faster on my comp than ET, I ditched the cheat fest that was ET....
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