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« on: December 16, 2006, 06:10:21 PM »

Hey, since I discovered this game a few days ago I've been playing it every chance I get.  It's taken up all the time which I would normally devote to other games, even quake 3 simply because I love the awesome maps collected into the mappack released by KiAn.  Anyway the idea of OpenArena attracted me in the first place because I thought it was cool to offer people a great gameplay experience like quake 3 for free and in an easily accessible format.  After playing it I began to think about how awesome it would be to bring other gameplay styles and types to people the same way.  Like a mod for OpenArena which would have a ton of gametypes like Instagib, quake 3 style freeze tag, exxesive quake 3, Runematch, Mutant from UT, King of the Hill, Rocket Arena, Quake 1 style DM, Quake 2 style, Quake 3 style, maybe even Team Arena or Quake 4 too, Alt Fires, Grappling Hook, and as many more we can think of and are possible.  Each of these types could be applied like UT mutators and would be modifiable to an extent with a menu system like Nexuiz.  There could also be a host of small options available like low-gravity, big head, double jump, jet packs, and stuff like that.

I know this is a super ambitious idea and would take a ton of small editing and coding but I think it'd be worth it.  I'm not a coder but I'd help anywhere I could.  If anyones interested we should all just pitch a punch of ideas for gametypes and additions and I'll write up a large concept doc.


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« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2006, 06:18:02 AM »

There are mods we can play using those maps already, and it may be not wise to start a task that distracted us from the real objetive: a 100%GPLed game.

However, I though about that also, and an unofficial mod made on cut-and-pasted  things may be funny. Currently there's no server running any mod.

There's a list of Quake3 mods that released their source code:

Their license seems to be non compatible with the GPL but still they can be distributed and used on quake3 mods.

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