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Author Topic: # of Sounds Supported Question  (Read 5347 times)
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« on: March 18, 2009, 03:52:28 AM » this deal where an admin can !slap a player in the game...

Upon doing so...a message gets CP'd (centerprinted) on screen, and a slap sound plays...sound call looks like this

G_AddEvent( vic, EV_GENERAL_SOUND,

(i cant remember if in the code its G_IndexSound or G_SoundIndex, either way its typed in the code correctly)

Upon game making its syscall to client, when the client attempts to play the sound, they get the boot and the console gives the error

S_FindName: empty name...

What gives? I know the code and paths to the sound are right...cuz i copied teh code from another event, and the path...well i use /play sound/misc/slap.wav from the console and the slap.wav sound plays....

Do i just have too many sounds I'm trying to get the client to use?
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