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Author Topic: Effects 64 (Barebones '97-esque shader effects)  (Read 4950 times)

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« on: November 26, 2009, 04:31:08 AM »

Don't worry about this replacing the OA effects you currently love. This is intended for pak0.pk3 to free space usage, and video memory, for having a cleaner 'base', and for oa486 and for OA's distant future.

For ABSOLUTE CRAP cards, I started redesigning the effects shader file with a "N64" mentality in them. It would be one of the first steps of shader organization (and to easily tailor effects shaders for different hardware that need it)

- Shared textures between effects and shells
- rgbGen const coloring
- small 32x32/64x64
- Alpha blending for all when additive can't be done on the card (Rare case)
- Intended for speeding up load times on VERY slow computers, as well as saving some video memory (to 4/8mb cards)

New simple shells, that are animated by scrolling and mapped environmentally

Applying the alpha-everything thing didn't turn out for flares well, though.

While doing this, I discovered a way to make an anti-cheating invisibility shader:

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« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2009, 04:26:44 PM »

While doing this, I discovered a way to make an anti-cheating invisibility shader

Yeah , this is good because if using a lego-quake config doesn't give any relevant advantage , the tendence will be to not use it.
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