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Author Topic: Moixie, problem again ^^  (Read 2532 times)
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« on: February 21, 2010, 08:22:39 AM »

I have a problem,
I have begun a new ctf,
and I find a light to put in the base: "jaildr1_3"
I have any problem, but I wanted to put a "jaildr1_3" whos blue in the blue base, maybe more intelligent (picture 1 )
but there isnt a "jaildr1_4" or "jaildr1_2" Cry
I wanted to know how to make a texture by myself who would product light.

Ok, I have create a texture on paint ^^ but there isnt any light
how to do now? (picture 2 )

I have taken the shader, pak0/scripts/Oalite
copy the jail1_3, replace some word,...?
and:  look at the 3rd screen punched (picture 3 )

I have found a solution !!! (picture 4)
Alone,... how can I remove a topic? punched

btw, map's test version:
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