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Author Topic: UI Enhaced 1.3 for E+  (Read 3196 times)

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« on: July 24, 2011, 03:53:23 PM »

Hello, I did some changes over the old HypoThermia UIE code, adapting it for the E+ mod ( Some of the changes:

New artwork 100% free with menus compatible with 4:3 and 16:9.
Reduced the model size in the main menu.
New background in all menus.
Attenuated the animations of the model in the main menu.
Minimized the main menu options.
Minimized server setup options.
Removed items menus and added weapons modes.
Fixed bug in the viewer demos (linux is case sensitive).
Fixed the selection square and the arrows in the list of demos.
Include new graphic options from Openarena/ioQuake (bloom, antialasing, 3D, ...)
Include bind for new keys (voip, team_voip, screenshotJPG).
Include cl_voip and xp_ambient in sound setup options.
Include cg_forcemodel in model settings.
Include xp_colors y xp_enemycolors in playersettings.
Include xp_enemymodel setup.
Use the same window to load/save config.
Include load/save config option ingame.
Include ingame submenu to start/stop recording demos.
Included Callvote Weapons (AllWeapons, CPMA, Default, ExcessiveX and Instagib).
Include Callvote Excessive Gametypes (FTAG, 1CTF, PTL, ...)
Include Callvote capturelimit and roundlimit.
Include screenshots in callvote map ingame.
Include callvote team balance, physics and unlagged.
Agroup callvote map, nextmap and restart map into Maps submenu.
Added ingame submenus background.
Include hud selection ingame menu.
Updated map filters in callvote ingame.
Change standard color font from orange to white.
Removed some obsolete variables.

0.- Download from
1.- Unzip into your OA directory.
2.- Launch OA and select excessiveplus in the mods menu.

Enjoy Smiley

PD: The sources for futures developers are here (you don't need this files for play):
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