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Author Topic: OpenArena being SOLD in the mac appstore?  (Read 29525 times)
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Note on all of the following: I'm just a concerned player who as contributed close to 0, aside from enthusiasm.

digitalfoundryl: Having OA supported on additional platforms sounds great to me, but I'd really like to see the tweaks you made find their way back to the main project.  As far as new content, my understanding is that you could create models/maps that are not GPL, if they are in completely separate files from the main OA files.  To be honest, from what I've seen, one of the big things OA needs is modelers, so if you can contribute back, that would probably generate a lot more good will.  A fork, on the other hand, could generate some ill will unless it is renamed, and all the usual licensing stuff is followed.

My thinking is that having help is a good thing, and if the money you make helps development of code/models/maps for the main code.  A fork, on the other hand, is something that we have far too much of in OSS, as it is, and could end up with two projects cannibalizing each other to the detriment of all.

At this point, you're effectively saying you're creating a fork, though if any of your customers hosts a game, the maps will spread.  There's also a risk of them not being able to join some of the pure servers (I think) if they have new characters.  Combine that with a feeling that you're leeching rather than contributing, and you are likely to find that no consideration is given to whatever patches you are applying to help make the software work better on Mac.  As development continues, it will be done without consideration for its impact on you.  If you contribute back, its far more likely that what you're doing will be respected, and consideration will be given to your needs.  Just saying.
Yes, those additional models/maps would not be gpl, and they would not be part of openarena, they would just sit on top of it.  But it would be better to have openarena itself benefit from more content, that uses a license compatible with OA.  I guess that yes, it would be like an exercise to see if the "freemium" business model would work too. You know, some people would prefer paying a good low price to get things neatly packaged than to download free and figure how to put it all together. I suppose it could be like those games where on the pc the additional content is free and on the consoles it has a cost. Stretch, i know, because in this case, you could get that additional content free too if you want to do the additional work of getting it working.  There's several costs right now in having openarena on the appstore, i got that covered.

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Hello everyone. I PM'd leilelol before, wanted to get a reply first before posting here, but I'll reply here too anyways.   I'm currently maintaining a slightly modified OA binary on the appstore. I'm a big fan of OA, been playing it since 0.7.0, and recently I've been using macs more often than windows. 

Die. Earning money off other people's work, bah. Legal or not, it's just pathetic. And not 99ct or something even slightly reasonable, no it's $7.
I don't read a single excuse for this in your post. You are right that this might have a big appeal to Mac users, but don't you think it's a bit VERY unfair to ask money for it? Especially if your goal is to promote OA?

I modified the source a bit to make it comply with the appstore requirements, which isnt really much.  Only protocol change to OA's, and enabling cmd-q to quit.
Do you have any idea how insignificant that is compared to what all other developers did for openarena FOR FREE?

Edit: Read the rest of the topic now. Sure, go ahead and fork it. Of course everyone will buy your paid version with 0 user base.
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I'd prefer seeing it distributed for free, too (it would better fit the aim of the project). But GPL allows commercial use...

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Permitting juridically doesn't mean we're not against it, in particular when it consists in planting a flag on top of the hill others made.

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@Gig: I know it's allowed by the licence, but that doesn't change my opinion. It's pathetic, disrespectful to the OA devs, selfish and stupid.
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