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Marilyn Monroe Photo Canvas Prints
Do you adore the legend that is Marilyn Monroe? Do your collect her memorabilia and watch her films? Do you covet her signature beauty?
The legend of Marilyn Monroe is the tale of an ordinary girl called Norma Jean who transformed herself into a true phenomenon. Dragged up from birth by an unstable mother and a succession of foster parents only to be married off at a young age, Norma Jean was discovered working in a munitions factory in 1945 allegedly, by future president Captain Ronald Regan. After dying her brunette locks a golden blonde and a swift name change, Marilyn Monroe became an icon of her generation. Yet it was her turbulent marriages and eventual (apparent) suicide at the tender age of 36 that created a modern fable. She would be immortalised through picture and film, so that we can look back on the devastating beauty that was Ms Monroe.
Marilyn’s look is timeless which means Marilyn memorabilia still brings in $4milllion each year, selling everything from posters to coffee cups. In fact on the scale of celebrity memorabilia, Marilyn ranks right at the top, above Elvis Presley and James Dean. Diehard fans are willing to pay a pretty penny for her personal effects; the dress she wore to sing “Happy Birthday Mr President” fetched a whopping $1.26million at auction. Even items such as an old shoe tree and an empty hat box brought in a decent $150 for Christies Auction house in 1999. He same goes for collectable artwork featuring Ms Monroe. Thanks to Andy Warhol, pioneer of the ‘Pop Art’ movement, Marilyn artwork has become a form of ‘Pop Art’ in its own right. We are familiar with the iconic, Warhol Marilyn prints, reproduced the world over, yet it will cost you a pretty penny for an original - $28million to be exact.
Even for the biggest Marilyn fan, there are only so many Marilyn hat boxes or printed tea cups you can fill a home with, and with an original piece of ‘Pop art’ out of the quest for anyone who doesn’t happen to be the Sultan of Brunei, how can you achieve the same Marilyn themed decadence? The answer is pretty simple. Have you ever fancied seeing yourself as Marilyn? Would you love to dress up as her for the day? photo-to-canvas prints are the most cost effective and amazing ways to create your own artwork. Really, who needs Warhol when you create Marilyn ‘Pop Art’ in your own likeness? The best thing is it is so easy! All you need to do is spend a day taking some Marilyn-esque pictures of yourself and upload straight from your computer to any online photo on canvas retailer. You will find that most websites offer various special effects including Andy Warhol style ‘Pop Art’ prints. Which means at the click of a button you could transform your picture into authentic looking ‘Pop Art’ for an amazing price, as some retailers start from as little as £8!
Can you imagine having a night in with your friends; they’ve seen your Marilyn toaster and stack of hat boxes. They even bought you a poster for your birthday, but the look on their faces is priceless when they take a look at your unbelievable canvas. At first they are mesmerised by the magnificent canvas that looks as if it is suspended on the wall. Printed in vivid colours they instantly recognise the images of Marilyn Monroe however, they completely light up when they realise the subject of the artwork isn’t Marilyn at all! It’s you! Looking your absolute best, you will not only get a great rush of pride, you will feel good every time you take a look at your very own Marilyn masterpiece.
So many people are shunning the astronomical prices of well know artists in favour of creating their own wonderful works of art. Be the first to transform your home with not just the beauty of Marilyn, but your own beauty.
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