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Author Topic: Day in open arena  (Read 10272 times)

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« on: February 02, 2013, 10:41:37 PM »

Today was a rainy day and I decided to play oa for this weekend.
I noticed players was in Super CTF, and z was down. Nothing changed...
There was TERMINATOR too, spamming and insulting as usual.
Voting was going on for kick him, without success (vote passed and that's
it, no kicking happened, no one can kick him). Then I went on Super forum
and find there old thread on scassapale, and ban try. Scassa was today in
game too, so it was a happy day for the rest of us.
I did a little research on TERMINATOR, find some old irc log where he brag
how best his server is, and how stupid players are...

"<fg> the most popular ctf server of oa!
<fg> that server is for the stupids, so most of them dont even know how to
enable autodl "

It seem he put a lot of work in his server, it was his pride for sure.
On forums peoples were puzzled, what happened and why has shoot it down.

Found this txt on his server...

"probably you already heard it: yes, the pool's closed
even the balancer and anti-winjoiner wasn't enough for you
you had to ragequit immediately when you were 1 flag down
now you don't even have to ragequit. just do not join anymore.
you dont deserve this nice balanced server,
you deserve z and super and unnameds and boring maps and
winjoiners and insulters + a penis.
don't forget the penis. the penis in your anus."

This TERMINATOR guy in known as Failgun and PBUH.
Now this PBUH reminds me of player named prophet muhammad, and he was
braging "easy" when he won. Our TERMINATOR too use "easy" a lot, it could
be him.

I apologize for bringing this guy's rage on you. I quit about him now.



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« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2013, 05:50:04 AM »

There will always be certain jerks in the community, be glad he only hosts a server and isnt a moderator on this forum or even a developer.

Just move to another server and avoid him.

I'm good at everything but can't do anything...
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