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Author Topic: Q2 Mod skin names  (Read 7029 times)

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Several mods use additional skins to indicate teams for players and use different names (rather than the standard _red and _blue skins Q3 does). Here's the names i've gathered so far
ctf_r - Threewave CTF Red
ctf_b - Threewave CTF Blue
rogue_r - Ground Zero Red
rogue_b - Ground Zero Blue
kw_blue - Catch the Chicken Blue
kw_green- Catch the Chicken Green
kw_red - Catch the Chicken Red
kw_yellow- Catch the Chicken Yellow

It's about a list of required skins, not addon skins (so no Actionq2). So say, if in theory, something like an id Tech 2 OA would happen (probably won't with bad md2 pipelines currently), to maintain compatibility with mods there'd need to be skins additionally created for the new player models

Yeah, the 15th anniversary of Quake2 made me think about something.  Noesis recently added IQM animation merging as a command, so in theory it'd make producing those pesky vwep models much easier, for example. Maybe even through a batch process.
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