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This week Valve is making three announcements regarding their plans for expanding their plans for the living room. The first of which is SteamOS. A freely available Linux-based Operating System that Valve are advertising as having improved graphics and audio performance, as well as decreased input latency.

Valve specifically mentions that more AAA games are being ported natively to SteamOS and presumably will be available for any Linux install of Steam. For games that aren’t available natively on Linux, Steam will soon be able to stream them from Windows and Mac personal computers.

The new OS will also bring three other new features in addition to game streaming: Music, movie and TV services; Family sharing for sharing your library of games; and Family Options to hide games from your kids.

SteamOS will be released “soon” with the intent that we can put it on our own computers and businesses will be able to release their own SteamOS gaming PCs.

Valve still has two more announcements to make, the countdown site currently has two more days to go so we’ll know more on Wednesday.


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Looks interesting, trying out for that beta thing, see if I can get in on it.

They also Announced the "Steam Machine"
this seems to be that "steam box" everyone was talking about when word got out

also obvious joke incoming
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