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... what framework would you choose?

I am not a web-programmer and I where are a lot of things that I really do not want to care about. However sometimes you want to present data on a website. This seems like something that there should be a standard for yet I have not been able to find a fitting solution.
Basically I have:
A database
Some SQL SELECT statements that selects relevant data

I want:
To represent them on the web
Let the user change sort order/filter criteria
Link pages so clicking a field in a table will load a relevant page

Because I have little interest in actually learning JavaScript (I consider it the assembly language if the web). My first attempt involved CppCMS, cppdb and gtemplates so that I could use my knowledge of C++. It worked OK, but i would prefer a more language in wider use that other people can read afterwards. It felt quick but I was unsure how it would scale.

My next attempt have involved PHP and jqGrid however it involves two languages that I really do dislike. I also did not like that the jqGrid examples contained obvious SQL injections without comments. the plus is that the languages are widely used and I consider it a quality in itself. A good way to create charts with an example form database through php to html would be welcome though.

I have looked a little at dartlang that fits with my personal opinion of JavaScript. But I have not found a library that truly fits my needs, so it would require a lot of new code for something I consider a trivial problem.

Of course what I really want is a working sample front end for OaStat ( because a data is not complete without a working example of how to retrieve them.

The current solution with php and jqGrid can be seen on:
and a subpage like:

There are nothing offending in my posts.
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