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« on: April 05, 2015, 04:12:33 PM »

Hello there!

I've been interested in OpenArena for years but I never thought about helping you guys until this week.
Thursday I found out the gorgeous new Sorceress render along with Arne numerous concepts and I simply got hooked!
So here I am.

I can draw, and I guess I can draw whatever you need me to draw if I take the time. I'm still not used to digital art but I will learn.
I can write lore if needed, but since Arne already wrote a backstory, I'm not willing to write anything new unless everybody is OK with it.
Some friends of mine can make ambient music/sound assets & draw digital art in a great anime/comic fashion if you don't mind bringing in new blood.

Before going any further, could you please give me a task, I mean, ask me to draw anything OA related as a test.
Otherwise I'd rather not commit myself to submitting design in the long run if my work doesn't seem helpful to you guys.
There's plenty of experienced people out there and they would fit your needs way better than us.
We are no pros nor veterans, but I believe we can learn by contributing to a game we love.

Smiley I'm waiting for your requests!
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