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Author Topic: Commands to drop currently held rune and currently held weapon  (Read 445 times)
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« on: December 02, 2018, 10:00:06 AM »

This is a notable pair of absences.

The runes' equivalents in other games (Q2CTF/Q13WCTF runes and UT99 relics) had keybinds which could be assigned so players can throw the currently held rune for a teammate. This was a common thing in teamgames where runed were battled. This is solved with a dropRune command which can be assigned to a key.

As for the weapons? In Team Deathmatch games, at least, throwing a weapon was useful so a teammate who didn't had one didn't had to wait until the weapon itself respawned (from looking at the code, I saw that the weaponspawn time for weapons was longer than in other gamemodes). This feature was also present in other AFPS games, most notably the Unreal series. This is solved, also, with a dropWeapon command which can also be assigned to a key.

I don't think these binds have a significant impact on the way the game is played, however the question is: does this fall in NOTTODO territory?

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M2C are that they can be okay as long as there is a server cvar to allow or disallow it. The cvar may even be a bit field which with different values may allow players to drop other items, even flags, if you wish. But IMHO that should be disabled by default, for the general rule of not altering the original Q3A/TA gameplay. This is just my opinion, of course...
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I have so far tried to avoid adding new key mappings for in game behavior. Not just due to the large work of adding key binds to the UI.

I believe additional key binds adds to the entry barrier to the game. I think that is bad. I cannot confirm my suspicion as I cannot try the game for the first time again but I notice many modern games with the problem.

Of course if most mods have it anyway then the bind could be added, so that it would get replicated to the initial configuration.

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